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Battlegrounds Game Guide

Battlegrounds Game Guide Publisher's Description

Battlegrounds Guide

Date: Welcome Survivor, If you have been plunged into the CRAZY Island straight away, you will know this game is different! One minute you are sat on a jet with 99 other “survivors” and then you are ON YOUR OWN! There is no doubt that Player Unknown Battlegrounds is an AWESOME game! I will call it PUBG from now on – the only thing not awesome about it is the LONG title! : - ) The great thing about the game is this: “You Are There To !” That’s it! No alternative missions, no side quests, no messing about – it is you (or your team) against 99 other people! So How Do You Survive In PUBG? Well, if you expect to win by just jumping out the plane, grabbing a few weapons and hoping to pot shot a few people you are going to get annoyed pretty fast. The TRUTH is – you need a STRATEGY mixed with KNOW-HOW! The BEST players in the game KNOW what to do, from the time you parachute out of the jet to the time you land on the Island and start looting weapons and getting vehicles there are a few in the game that have an unfair advantage! Let me be clear: “I Am Not Talking About Hacking Or Cheating Here!” The advantage they have is STRATEGY! You need to know HOW to play the game! Pure and Simple! The concept of the game is VERY simple but it is like a tip of an iceberg! Underneath is A LOT of ice and A LOT to learn! Well, if you want to survive, if you are tired of being number 94, 87 or 46 (or worse) let me show you how to get into the top 10 – 20 and even win! Allow me to introduce: The PUBG Survivor Guide: NOTE: The image of the book is for visualization ONLY. The product is digital and will be delivered through the members area instantly upon purchase. This guide is YOUR KEY to becoming a SURVIVOR! What Do You Get Inside The Battleground Survivor Guide? “Quite Simple – EVERYTHING You Need To SURVIVE!” We start off with the basics: Complete Beginner’s Guide: In this section of the guide we will go over how the game works and the different game modes. There is a BIG difference playing Solo to playing Duo and then you have Squad and War as well. I will show you which game mode you will want to play time and time again to have the best chance of winning and also who the different game modes will suit based on playstyle. The Map: This is the HEART of the game! You need to know the map – in fact, knowing the map will back up nearly every strategy in the game. I will cover the map in-depth – how it is laid out – the cities, the buildings, the choke points and where you want to be and also where you DON’T want to be. This will give you a HUGE advantage so you will be a master of Erangel – (that’s the name of the map btw, you probably knew but in case you didn’t!) Survivor Strategies: This is it! This is where the fun begins! The Battlegrounds Survivor guide will give you strategies to dominate. You see, you gain the EDGE right from the start of the game! Where you choose to drop out of the plane makes a difference. Where you land on the map makes a difference. The first place you go looking for weapons makes a difference. If you want to survive for longer and I daresay be the last guy or gal standing you NEED to know the strategies to stay alive! We show you EXACTLY how to stay on top of the game and out of trouble with the right strategies. Weapons & Loadouts: Now this is a BIG one! After all – you can have the RIGHT strategy and you can have the RIGHT know-how but the game is fundamentally a shooter. If you can’t aim and can’t shoot you are going to struggle! You are REALLY going to struggle when the game area starts shrinking! Well, the KEY to this and getting better fast is to understand the weapons. There are lots of different weapons in the game and they all behave differently! You can’t grab a P92 and take down a group of people and likewise if you try and use an S1897 shotgun at mid-long range it is not going to work well! We show you all the weapons and also give you the best loadouts so you have the edge in the game! We will give you the best loadout for Close Quarters, Best Ranged Loadout, Best Assault Loadout and Best Defence Loadout! Full Overview Of The Maps With Drop Points: The guide will also give you a full overview of the maps and also pictures with the best spawns in the game! Everything form weapon spawns, vehicle and boat spawns are there so you can see where you need to be. We also show the danger zones and the LOOT zones! Bear in mind, the place with the most loot is also the most dangerous – but we will show you how to get in and out with the goods! Healing: No matter how good you are you will get hurt! You need to know how the healing system works and how to stay alive! We show you how to use the med kits and how to stay on your feet! Air Drops: We walk you through the best air drops and what you get in each one, we also give you the common air drop locations and how to tell where it will land. Once you have nabbed yourself an air drop package you will be able to have some armour in most cases which makes the game A LOT easier! + Much More… What Do You REALLY Get? What do you really get with the Battlegrounds Survivor guide? You get to enjoy the game more, you get to beat the competition and you get to have more fun as you survive longer! You want to survive and get in a dog fight at the end and go out in a blaze of glory? You want to be an assassin and survive by picking them off? You want to go for the drops and have the best gear to be unstoppable? You want to WIN? Then, my fellow survivor – grab The Battlegrounds Survivor guide and get ready to win! How Much To Get In? The guide is new and I am adding to it all the time! To get you winning and as an early bird customer I am going to offer a special discount! The guide price will be $29.95! You get in right now for the month of June 2017 for JUST $19.95! This is a special launch price and will only last to July 1st 2017! Grab your access below and start surviving longer: CLICK HERE TO GET FULL ACCESS FOR $19.95! I am so sure it will help you I am placing a 60-day guarantee on this! Use the guide for a FULL 60 days and if it does not help you simply send me an email and I will give you a full refund! You will also get FREE updates to the guide and as the game grows and changes the guide will be updated! Grab access below and get started: CLICK HERE TO BUY THE BATTLEGROUNDS SURVIVORS GUIDE FOR $19.95… It’s Time to Win! See You Inside, CJ

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