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Dune VST/AU Publisher's Description


VST/AU instrument plug-in based on the brand new Differential Unison Engine (DUNE). The plugin requires a host sequencer such as Cubase, Live, Logic Studio, Orion, FL Studio or SONAR in order to work.

DUNE is Synapse Audio's flagship VST/AU synthesizer developed for the needs of professional music producers.

New technology: Differential Unison Engine
Subtractive/VA, FM and Wavetable Synthesis
Deep Modulation Matrix for complex sounds
Unique, innovative Arpeggiator
32-bit and 64-bit, OS X and Windows

Unison Engine

DUNE is an acronym for "Differential Unison Engine". This new technology takes the well known unison concept to a new level. Unison is a classic synth feature which plays several voices simultaneously when playing a note, usually up to 8. Those voices can be detuned and spread in the stereo field. What's new about DUNE is the ability to do anything with those unison voices, or even voice clusters.

Simplicity & Depth

Conceptually, DUNE is a virtual-analog type of synthesizer. Hence, it will be familiar to many musicians who are used to work with such gear. DUNE uses the traditional oscillator, filter and ADSR concepts, known from many synthesizers. The complexity is in the modulation matrix, which is only accessed when needed. This combines fast workflow with great depth.

The concept of DUNE does not only greatly extend the synth's capabilities, it is also a new way to approach sound design. Multi-layered sounds are not programmed by copy/paste operations, but instead designed relative to the basic layer. This makes patch design a breeze, and allows to morph or blend between layers easily.

Publisher Synapse Audio Software
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Windows 95/98/ME  Windows NT/2000  Windows XP  Mac  Windows Vista  Windows NT/2000/2003/SBS2003  OS X - Macintosh  Windows 7  Windows 2008 


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