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How To Create An Amazing Side Income From Your Photography

How To Create An Amazing Side Income From Your Photography Publisher's Description

Photography Sales Made Easy

Yes, It's True! You Really Can Make A Part-Time Or Even Full-Time Income From Photography In Your Spare Time... So keep reading, because I am about to reveal exactly who is waiting to pay YOU good money for your easy and simple pictures... PLUS how to get your first paying gig within 24hrs or less! Imagine waking up each morning whenever you want to, then choosing how many hours you're going to work that day. Imagine getting paid more than the average employee for doing something you actually enjoy... something that gives you satisfaction and pride. How cool would life be when you get to call the shots, pick your own salary, spend more time with friends and family, and even travel around the country - or the world - in the process? Well that's exactly what thousands of people are doing right now, as we speak. How? They simply took their digital camera - along with a pinch of passion for photography - and the rest was history. But I have to warn you, there's a right way and a wrong way of doing it. Remember, you'll be running your own small business, which means there are a few things that can seriously trip you up along the way. But don't worry, because I'm here to show you... Step By Step: How To Start, Run, Profit And Grow Your Photography Business From Home! I'll show you how to get set up for mere pennies... even with crappy and old equipment. I'll also show you how to find high paying customers in less than 24 hours. I'll even show you how to get people calling you all day long just dying to stuff money in your pocket for a quick couple of hours work. I'll show you how to make more money from your hobby than most people make from a grueling office job or 10 hour shift at the factory. Don't want to quit your current job? No worries... you'll see how to run your business part time, and effectively increase your income overnight. But If The Word "Business" Freaks You Out, Then Here's Something You Should Know... This is probably the easiest business you can run (when done right.) I'm serious, this stuff is easy once you know how. The best part is, you don't need to be a professional photographer to get into this business and start making extra income.. In fact, there are loads of reasons why this business is just so exciting... You don't need a professional, expensive set up to make a full time income from photography.  You can make a supplemental income to reduce debt and lead you towards retirement within a few years.  Unlike many other businesses, you can choose your own hours!   Unlike other professions, you can travel anywhere and get paid! OK, so let me explain how I know all of this. Let me tell you... When I started out I was very short on cash and didn't have a chance of affording the fancy cameras I thought I needed. Worse still, I had recently moved house, and the “middle of the road” camera I had previously owned had got lost in the very recent move. I had decided my days of working in a job I despised were over, and I planned to simply walk away and become a photographer. This would be tricky without the "professional" gear by my side... at least, that's what I thought. So I came up with a plan whereby I would be able to make a decent wage without professional equipment, and while this was only the first of many different routes I would take, I felt it a good plan as I would only need a $100 camera. I borrowed the $100 and set out to see if my idea worked, and while it needed a lot of tweaking to work as I had intended, I was able to pay back the $100 loan the same day. This method of profiting from photography will be explained in a moment, and I call it the “Night On The Town gig”. This is just one of the methods you are going to learn a little later on, so keep reading! After this early success, I knew that this could be my chance - just like it could be yours - and I wasn't going to let it slip away. And listen, once you see how many people are out there waiting to pay you for basic pictures, you'll see why this thing is so easy to get started with today... These People Are Waiting To Pay You RIGHT NOW! Who needs your photography help? Lots of people do.  Here's just a small list: and the list goes on and on! But If It's So Easy And Profitable, Why Aren't More People Doing This? That's exactly what I thought when I first got started. There's actually a lot of reasons, from confidence issues to doubts, to laziness. But if you're smart and a bit of a go-getter, then this can easily start supplementing your present income within a couple of months  (and often much sooner.) But there are other reasons why people don't ever exploit this opportunity. In particular, they believe the myths and lies about this business... The 4 Myths And Lies About Running Your Own Digital Photography Business: MYTH #1: You need a professional rig to make this work There are thousands of people making sickening amounts of money with nothing more than a basic digital camera, a few marketing devices and some basic transport. Technology has advanced so much in recent years, that most digital cameras can capture high-quality images that most standard clients will be delighted with. What you have to remember, is that many clients are not paying for your special rig... they are paying for your time, service and experience. In fact, your clients could probably do it themselves, but that's not practical if they're the ones getting married, or standing in front of their staff, or sitting at the dinner table together... see what I mean? MYTH #2: You need to be able to take great photos. The truth is, there are tons of businesses and individuals who couldn't care less about your shutter speed and white balance, or your polarization, or your macro modes. All they want is a clear, clean picture. Not all clients want or need some fancy and artistic shot. If you want or need to do that stuff, then I'll show you how it's done, but you don't need to know any of that to start making big money from your standard digital camera today. MYTH #3: You need lots of start up money to get your business running. You can actually get started for nothing, assuming you already have the camera. If you don't have a camera, I'll show you how to buy a great model for a great price. Either way, that's about all you need to start running your own photography business in today's world. You don't need models, studios, fancy toys, business premises, accountants or staff. Sure, that stuff might come when you're reaching $100k per year, but not right away. MYTH #4: It's a risky and part-time job at best. With little to zero startup costs, no staff to hire, no responsibilities... you would struggle to find a lower risk business you can start from home. The fact is, you can do this part time or full time... it's up to you. Sure, it takes a bit of faith to go from a day job to running your own business full time, but you're under no pressure and you can make that transition once you know the business can support you full time. That's the beauty of this business... you can start part time in the evenings or weekends and then roll it out once you're ready. Heck, you might even want to keep your day job if you prefer... it's your call. Whatever you decide, there's certainly no risk or pressure in this business. And it's certainly not limited to part-time potential either. You'll find that when done right - the way I'm going to show you - there will be a never ending flood of clients waiting to hire you. With so many clients, in your hometown or even in a different country, it's virtually impossible to be short of work. So with the common myths busted, let's look at how you can get started... How To Create An Amazing Side Income  If you want this to work, there are a few things you'll need to get right... You won't get far by being vague. You can't just decide to take pictures for anyone and everyone because it doesn't work like that. You need to know WHO your target market will be... what kind of photography you want to do... how much you'll be charging for your time and work... how much profit you can make. It sounds complicated, but it really isn't hard once you know how. The great thing about a business plan is that you can change it as you go along. It is crucial you start with one though, as you will have a clear path and target to aim for, and if you ever need to borrow money, lenders will want to see a business plan. Also, a business plan can attract all kinds of investors, partners, and other helpful people. It keeps you on track and helps your business grow at the same time... so don't ignore it! Obviously, you need to cover any business expenses like travel costs, equipment hire and insurance etc. A lot of business expenses are tax deductible anyway, but it's always a good idea to work them into your pricing so that you don't run out of money. Cash flow problems are one of the big business killers out there, so make sure you're charging enough money to actually make a profit each day! To get a rough starting point for pricing, take a look at the competition. Look in Yellow Pages and on the internet. Don't compare yourself to the big corporate companies... look at the businesses that are doing the basic services that you'll be doing. Remember, each client can be your own referral machine. I'll talk more about this later, but the point is that clients make up your portfolio and your portfolio sells your work. It's easy to set up a simple portfolio online these days, and you can have an offline one to show clients too. Again, I'll go into detail with this in just a moment. Make sure you only spend what you need to spend... and plan for any costs ahead of time. Remember to include fuel costs and any potential equipment hire (usually this won't be required, but it's better to factor it in anyway!) This is where the rubber meets the road. Marketing can make or break your chances with your new photography business, whether you're doing it part-time on weekends or as a full-time operation. The good news is, there are lots of ways to get your business out there in front of potential clients. The even better news is, you don't have to spend thousands on adverts thanks to the internet! The internet is just one tool, there are many others... some of which are 100% free and still very effective today. Of course, you will need a website, there is no question about it. You will probably want to hire a professional designer. Since photography is a visual medium, you will want to be sure that your website makes you look good. When you start making more money, you can hire out all your marketing and advertising tasks, along with regularly updating and improving your website. When starting out, you can start small and focus on getting clients. The main thing to remember is that you can't just slap up website links or ask others to recommend you to their friends. Sure, you'll get people's attention, but what happens when they call you or find your website? That's when you need to make sure you have the right elements in place to actually close the sale. Don't worry, you don't need to be a professional sales person to get clients booked up all year, but you do need the basics like a good and clean website, a clear price list, a decent portfolio/examples of your work etc. So now that you have a basic grasp on what you need to do, the question is... Not having the right business plan I've already mentioned business plans... but just having a business plan won't guarantee you success. If you want to really make good money from your digital camera, then you'll need a robust plan that allows you to take shortcuts, do things on a shoestring budget and quickly get to the full-time income. With the right business plan, you can do this. With the wrong business plan, you'll lose a lot of time and money with little chance of reaching a good income anytime soon. Spending too much on the wrong things When starting out, it's easy to get sucked into buying tools, software, equipment, hiring staff, paying agencies... and so on. But with the right system and plan in place, you don't need to waste money upfront. In fact, you can make really good money without spending money at all. Most people don't realize this when they get started, and end up wasting money on fancy web designers, agencies, software, advertising... and on, and on. Not making the most of your portfolio Your portfolio is your sales tool. If you're not optimizing it and presenting it in the right way, then you'll be losing clients every day. This is an easy mistake to make, but it's also easy to fix. This is probably the biggest mistake I see when people try to make an income from photography. They assume their ideal client would be anyone who needs pictures taken. This is wrong! You must define a specific type of person/business that you'll be serving, so you can reach them more easily... and become the "local expert" for that particular area of photography. The only thing worse than not knowing your market is picking a market where there is too little demand. Sure, taking pictures of wildlife sounds neat... but is that in demand? Are there enough people searching for that? There's a specific way to find out, plus a dozen markets that are always in high demand for photographers. If you can't keep new inquiries coming in - and your current clients aren't coming back for more - then your dream of being your own boss will quickly fizzle out. You don't have to let that happen though... because all you need is a good marketing system where new people can find you 24/7, week after week. Not being able to secure new clients There's no point in marketing your business if you can't make people want to hire you. Luckily, it's usually an easy sell when you have a decent portfolio and know how to handle new inquiries. The problem is, most part-time photographers let their portfolio slide and don't really sell themselves over the phone or in person. It's a shame really because it's so easy to do... and anyone - including you - can do this. One of the biggest opportunities to make a serious amount of money from digital photography is through residual/recurring revenue. Again, most photographers totally overlook this aspect of the business, but if you want to generate life-long income from a one-time effort, then this is definitely an area you should look into right from day one. If you don't, then you'll be resting all your income on the clients you can get and the work that comes in. That's ok, but wouldn't you rather have a backup income source in place from day one? As you can see, there are a few things to get right when getting started. But don't worry, it's really not that hard at all. Especially when you have a plan to follow. And here's the great thing about all this... You Already Have Everything You Need To Start Making Money From Your Camera! Now Here's How To Make It Happen... You already have the camera. You already have the creativity. You already have the desire and need to try something new. I've just given you a bunch of things to look out for and put in place too. But you must understand, these things are just basic summaries. Most people need a plan... a blueprint to follow with step by step advice. Maybe you are the same? When I got started, there was no plan to follow. I had to learn everything the hard and expensive way. I made more mistakes than I care to admit and lost a lot of time and money in the process. But it was worth it... because today I live the dream. And today, I want to help you out. I want to make sure you avoid the costly and frustrating mistakes I had to make. I want to give you a clear, concise and easy roadmap to follow... so you can start, run and profit from your own digital photography business TODAY. And that's what you are missing... The proven blueprints to actually allow you to make money from your camera, quickly and easily. A system for setting things up quickly and effortlessly... getting new clients... growing your business... keeping it all on a shoestring budget... and actually replacing your day job (if you want to.) It took many months, but I've finally managed to put everything I have learned into a systematic blueprint for you... I've already given you some very real advice that works, but I know you want and need more.  Therefore - in this guide - I'm going to share every little secret and step you'll ever need to start, grow and cash in on the digital photography cash cow. Make no mistake, this isn't just a guide to the potential of this business... it's actually a fully working system for setting up and cashing in today. Not just basic info either... I'm talking about cutting edge marketing strategies that you can do for free, at home, right now. I'm talking about building a simple website - even without any technical experience - to build your portfolio and showcase your unique skills. Even if you're new to photography, this system can work for you. Everything from getting new clients to keeping costs at bare minimum... it's all here for you to exploit today. Grab this guide today and you'll save yourself months of trial and error... plus you'll have a system which can generate a tidy supplemental income. In fact, you could be looking at quitting your day job if you really stick to the plan as I have laid it out. First of all, we'll get you set up for pennies and have your business live within a few days... How to get started with a $100 camera (if you've got a fancy camera, then that's ok too) How to buy a new digital camera and what specification your camera needs (it's not what you think!) The camera models I used when getting started that are dirt cheap! Which features are important when using a camera for business use? I'll show you, and I'll also explain why you need them... Flashes, lenses, reflectors, tripods, accessories, flash cards, batteries, software, printers... I'll show you what you'll need, how to choose the right equipment and how to save money along the way (remember, this stuff will be tax deductible!) Next, we'll look at your marketing. After all, there's no point doing all this unless you can actually spread the word, right? So I'll show you... How to create effective business cards that generate new clients all year round How to use ______ to showcase your work and get people's attention, including your potential clients Setting up your website: How to create a stunning gallery for free Setting up your website: How to create a FREE website that gets visitors fast Setting up your website: Why you need ________ if you ever want to be found online Portfolio: How to put a portfolio together Portfolio: Why you should never use a g_____ portfolio Portfolio: How to make an online portfolio for free Portfolio: How to print professional samples cheaply (to show clients in person) Portfolio: How to start one, even if you don't have clients yet! Then I'm going to show you how to boost your skills and increase your prices by stepping things up a level and going pro... Going pro: How to get good at focus points Going pro: How to set up Macro shots Going pro: "Triangles in the mind" Going pro: How to master light effects Going pro: How to use automatic mode effectively And that's just the start. Here is where we get down to the really top secret and fun stuff, as I will walk you through the actual businesses that make me money every day, including a for each one... Model #1 - The Night On The Town gig Each section details with who the market is, why they need you, how to approach them, how to angle your services towards them, what they're looking for and how to get them to say a definite "YES!" to your services. And really, there's just so much more inside... including dozens of tricks, tips, shortcuts, resources and ways to save money and time in the process. And in case you were wondering, here is why... It Doesn't Get Any Easier Than This! You will find this guide effective because... It is NOT about spending thousands on useless advertising It is NOT about slashing prices and running sales It is NOT about hiring staff and paying for agencies It shares the same underground marketing techniques used by the top 10% of successful photographers in the country It brings in loyal, lifelong repeat customers for FREE (most of the time) It's simple and fast... meaning you can start today, without endless red tape holding you back or putting you off You don't need lots of expensive equipment or any experience... this is truly a beginner friendly guide that exploits a huge loophole in this industry Finally, You Will Be Able To: Wake up when you want, and live a stress-free lifestyle (and live longer as a result) Support yourself and your family even in hard times Be prepared for financial emergencies if they arise Live an envious lifestyle that your neighbors are secretly jealous of Make money doing what you love and are already good at Develop self-confidence with a true sense of pride and job satisfaction When you put it all together, it's safe to say... No Other Method, Solution Or Service Comes Close To This. Here's Why... It saves you time and money... no more wasting cash on advertising that doesn't work, no more spending all your time and energy on products and services that are losing you cash. It uses techniques that your competition aren't using... you don't need to spend thousands on adverts, or have a global brand name to succeed with your new photography business.  You simply need a way to reach new customers cost effectively and keep them coming back over and over. It doesn't require outside consultants or companies... some marketing and PR companies will cost you several small loans before you see your first new customer as a result. This system you're getting today is practically free in comparison, and it usually delivers far more measurable results. You can get started today... no waiting for months of meetings to take place, no waiting for the post to arrive, no back and forth phone calls. You can literally pick this up today and start picking out new tricks and methods to get more customers calling you on the phone or emailing you tomorrow. There's zero risk... you won't risk a single penny with your investment in this program, unlike many other services which charge thousands, and certainly don't offer the same kind of reassurance or guarantee. I can't say whether this is for you or not. All I can say is if any of the following apply to you, then you really should seriously consider this opportunity. You've just bought a camera, and it cost you a lot. Now you need a way to pay it back! Your boss is tight. He won't give you that much-needed pay raise. You love photography so much, you dream of doing it for a full-time job, being your own boss. You're sick of the 9-5 rat race, and getting paid peanuts. You need more job satisfaction, and to let your creative juices put food on the table! You want to spend more time with your friends and family. Then maybe it's time you gave yourself the break you deserve. After all, you could be waiting years for your boss to start paying you what you're worth. Are you really prepared to put your life into somebody else's hands like that? We only get one shot, don't let some greedy boss take it away from you. However, regardless of which of the many routes you take in photography, you are going to have to manage your time and money efficiently if you plan to run a sustainable business. While I can teach you all you need to know to make a full-time living from your camera, unfortunately, I will not be there to motivate you or force you to take my advice. This is NOT a get rich quick scheme! So if that is what you were expecting, then this isn't for you. Still reading? Great, then you're perfect for this! So, just one last question for you... What Price Would You Put On Escaping The Rat Race, Living By Your Own Rules, And Being Free? Imagine choosing when the alarm clock goes off each morning. Or better still, imagine waking up naturally each day, when your body tells you to... and not when your boss does. You take a long shower, put some music on, then dry off. In your robe, you whistle your way down to the kitchen. You send everyone off to school or work - maybe even offering to take them - then you've got the rest of the day to yourself. No rush hour traffic, no screaming boss, no office politics. You simply flip open your laptop and check out all the new email orders that have come through. You then call a couple of people back that left messages last night or over the weekend. You fill up your week with exciting new jobs, and then maybe you do a little bit of work on your portfolio and sort some other bits and pieces out. Then you look forward to all the places and people you're gonna meet this week... and without any worry or fear about work pressures or nagging bosses. How much would you give to live that kind of lifestyle? Some people would tear their right arm off to be in that position, but I don't recommend that... it won't help with your camera skills! Even if you stick with your day job, and keep this as a part time hobby... just think what it can do having an extra $250 per week or more in your pocket. That could pay the mortgage, take dozens of vacations, buy lavish gifts, treat yourself to all kinds of new toys and technology, get a better dental plan, get private healthcare for your family, the list is endless. And it won't require extra hours stuck at work either... because you'll be doing something you already LOVE doing, and getting paid handsomely for it! Maybe you only get five new customers as a result of this. Wouldn't you rather get paid for doing what you love than just doing it for kicks? Wouldn't you love to tell people your story? How you came good and broke free? People will have huge amounts of respect for you and will want to know your secrets. Heck, what about all the people who pay thousands in college and other education, with nothing to show for it after years of hard work? When you realize that you can make more than most qualified professionals do, with nothing but a camera and a website, you'll think twice about getting buried for years in education and costly tuition. With all that in mind, wouldn't you say its worth a little bit of spare pocket change to invest in my guide? Of course it is! Right? So Here's How To Get Started... The entire guide 'How To Create An Amazing Side Income From Your Photography' is only going to be I would - and probably should - charge a lot more. I don't consider you to be my competition (unless you live in my area, and still, there's plenty of clients to go around as you'll see inside the guide!) But despite how small the investment is, I'd still like to make sure you are totally happy and protected, with this... I want you to know that I personally guarantee that you’ll be amazed at the potential that this work at home business can offer you… and you’ll never look back. In fact, I’m so sure about that… ... I’m going to back up all my claims with… I want you to feel completely happy and satisfied when you invest in this guide today. So, download my guide today, totally risk-free. I want you to devour every section and apply what you'll discover inside. And if, after 60 days, you don’t agree that running your own Photography business is the easiest, most fun way to earn an honest living from home that you've ever come across, then I want you to email me for an immediate refund. No questions, no quibbles. So there you go! I don't think I can be any fairer than that can I? I truly want to help you succeed and do well for yourself. Now it's over to you. Today you truly have the chance to make a real improvement to your current circumstances and to begin a journey of change. So what are you waiting for? Isn't it time you showed your friends and family what you're capable of? Isn't it time you put your own stress levels to bed, and finally got a good night's sleep without worrying about unpaid bills...? Right now, your current boss is exploiting your hard work and time, and not paying you enough for it. If he/she truly appreciated you, then you wouldn't be reading this letter in the first place. Is life really about getting stressed over a job you don't get paid enough for? I don't think so. To me, it's about traveling to different places, meeting new people, getting appreciated for my skills and being paid well. If that's what you want too, then I suggest you give this a shot today whilst it is still fresh in your mind... Download Instructions And What To Do Next... immediately after your purchase. No waiting around for deliveries. Once you've clicked the order link, you'll be taken to the order screen to make a secure payment.  You will then be sent, within seconds, to a page with simple download instructions. The material is available to read online so simply download to your computer.  You can be reading this guide within the next few minutes You can be reading this e-book and discovering its secrets in as little as 5 minutes from now! This is an electronic book (e-book) that can be downloaded to your computer in a flash! Produced in .pdf format and available for instant download. Delivery time will vary depending on the type and quality of your computer equipment and internet connection. And with a 60 day risk-free trial, you can simply give it a shot and see how quick and easy it is to start your own photography business from home, today. Give it a test drive and see what happens. There's no pressure. What's the worst that can happen? You only get a few more clients this month... which could translate into a few extra hundred a month in profit? For such a small investment of just $27, is that really such a bad deal? So give this a shot and see what happens. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with how quickly you will start to see the cash coming in. There's obviously a lot riding on your success... not just the pride and freedom for yourself, but the pressure of friends and family to support too. If not for yourself, do it for them. Do it for the quality time you'll be able to spend with them. Get started today, and start making money from what you already love doing... ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK� is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 1444 S. Entertainment Ave., Suite 410 Boise, ID 83709, USA and used by permission. ClickBank's role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.

High-quality Ebook Paying Great Commission Of 65% Per Sale. Brilliant Affiliate Support Offered With Articles, Reviews, PPC And Many More Tools Supplied For You To Copy And Paste And Start Selling Fast. Perfect Photography Business Niche. Don't Miss Out!
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10 Easy Exercises To Master Your Camera And Basics Of Photography

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You Can Learn To Master Your Camera Settings And Understand The Basic Concept Of Photography In 10 Days By Following 10 Easy Exercises Designated T...
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Lead Guitar Rock Scales

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The Lead Guitar Rock Scales E-book Will Teach Beginners And Intermediate Guitar Players How To Master Their Guitar Fret Board By Learning The Most ...
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Slam Academy: Online Classes In Electronic Music

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Take your tracks from good to AMAZING.Every morning, I wake up and write music. I produce tracks for film, Video games, television, and myself as a...
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Spanish Guitar School

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Leverage On The High End Production And Conversion
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Studio Success Formula

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An Online Training Program To Take Dance Studio Owners To The Next Level And Beyond In Their Business.
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Hdr Lightroom Presets For Awesome Photos

Hdr Lightroom Presets For Awesome Photos

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HDR Hero Lightroom PresetsHDR Hero is a huge set of Lightroom presets that make it quick and easy to get HDR effects with a single photo, no need t...
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Living Water Inspirational Wisdom And Fine Art Photography Book

Living Water Inspirational Wisdom And Fine Art Photography Book

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Living Water Inspirational Wisdom and Fine Art Photography eBookLiving Water is a collection of thoughts and visions, poetically woven into a visua...
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Music To Know And Play Guitar Requinto Easily!

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First Steps To Learn How To Play Guitar Requinto Techniques First A Bit Of Music And Techniques To Stepping On The Strings Of The Guitar Each Rope ...
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Ultimate Home Recording School Dvd Set

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The Ultimate Home Recording School 3 Disc Dvd Box Set Is Our Top Of The Line Training Set For The Recording Musician. Featuring Over 6 Hours Of Pre...
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Seriously Stoked - You Should Be Stoked To Promote This...

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As soon as you complete the checkout, you will be redirected to a download page where you will have the option to download the book. I have provide...
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Beginners Guitar Course - Learn Guitar Fast With A Real Teacher

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Enough Of All The Nonsense. Learn Guitar Online From The Convenience Of Your Home While You Have Full Access To A Real Teacher For Any Questions. I...
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Blues Bass For Guitar Players

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Ever notice how at jam sessions there are tons of guitar players and usually only 1 or 2 bass players?Or have you ever been in a situation where yo...
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Mobile Device Lockdown. With SureLock, you can allow only desired applications to run on the device and only admin can access the password protected settings to either modify lockdown configurations or exit the lockdown.

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