Publisher's Description

Note Carrier

Note Carrier Publisher's Description

Note Carrier

Note Carrier software is a modern solution to contemporary problems of a large amount of information. Software for creating notes and reminders Note Carrier has a simple but functional interface with which you can find out in less than a minute, and to which you can adjust and evaluate its merits after add a few reminders.
Hello, Ya sou, Aloha, ??????, Hola:
There is now a chance to switch the language in NoteCarrier. The multilingual interface allows NoteCarrier getting closer to its consumers, and use it in their native languages.

No Advertizing!
While working with NoteCarrier you will not encounter ads constantly popping up as in other programs and games. NoteCarrier team is doing their best to make your work with software maximally convenient and pleasant for everyday use.

Looking through the previous reminders:

In the NoteCarrier there is used a modern mobile database which always remembers (stores) all the lists of your events. Even if you need to remember what you did last Tuesday, September 26th, or 7 months ago – you may do that only with Note Carrier.

Interactive calendar:
Having looked into the Note Carrier calendar of events, you can immediately understand what day you have planned your proceedings for and whether there are reminders, without opening the agenda list for that day.

Search in passing:
In order to find a note that you made but you do not remember what day you set for that event, it is enough for you to use the built-in search which allows you immediate (with entering every following letter) sorting out all the events.

If the computer was turned off:
When you turn your computer off for a long period, our program continues to work! If there should have been several notifications for the time that has passed, NoteCarrier will anyway remind them to you on turning on the computer.

Hot keys:
To create a reminder quickly, it is enough to use the combination of hot keys CTRL+ALT+N. If you remembered anything and you need to quickly put it down, whatever application you are in, just press CTRL+ALT+N and write what you would not like to forget.

The types of events / reminders:
In order to quickly sort all the reminders related to birthdays, entertainments or work, you may set a type for every new notification choosing one from the pull-down menu.

AM/PM, 24h or the formats of time and date display:
Note Carrier has already got a lot of users and our team does its best to create such software that would be pleasant to use for everybody, that is why you may choose the format of time and date display in American or European style.

The Beatles, M. Jackson, Eagles, Madonna:
During the program’s development we have included pleasant reminder tunes into its setup package, but you can assign you favorite tune or song for any reminder. NoteCarrier supports some of the most widespread audio formats - .mp3 and .wav .

OK, but a little bit later…:
Any reminder or list of reminders may be put off for a period from one minute to two hours. Even if you have just turned on the computer and a list of events is waiting for you there, you may put off every single reminder to its own time and cope with all the tasks without forgetting any of them.

Turns on by itself, reminds by itself:
In order to be sure that you will not forget to open your diary and check the agenda – an auto-run of the program is set with the windows startup. Set it once and forget about it forever, NoteCarrier will be working by itself.

This is not the whole story:
If you work with a full-screen application on your computer and you have many opened windows – NoteCarrier can display the reminders above the other windows!


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Note Carrier

Note Carrier

Note Carrier software is a modern solution to contemporary problems of a large amount of information. Software for creating notes and reminders Not...
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