Publisher's Description

Passive Income Breakthrough - How To Create Digital Products

Passive Income Breakthrough - How To Create Digital Products Publisher's Description

Passive Income Breakthrough - How To Create Digital Products

Rob Wiser | Learn internet marketing and how to make money online

So here we go. This is,And I'm going to show you exactly how to do it, using a proven, step-by-step method that I've spent the past ten years developing and perfecting. (All you need is a computer and an internet connection.)So real quick, I want to share my unusual story with you - how I discovered and plugged into the limitless wealth and freedom that you can enjoy once you set up YOUR passive income stream...Regardless of where you are, or what hour of the day it is, your website will churn away on its own, making sales and pumping a steady stream of cash into your bank account.It doesn't matter whether you're relaxing on a beach, traveling the world, playing with your kids, or snoozing on your couch...Passive income means you set it up once, and rake in money forever.I want you to pay very close attention, because in a moment I’ll show you three simple steps that can become your surefire shortcut to generating consistent, daily passive income.Then this may be the most important page you ever read.Or if you’re looking for a way to supercharge your earnings, put them on autopilot, and make massive, passive income...If you’ve been banging your head against the wall, trying to figure out how to make money online…Grandma Knows More About Computers Than You Do...) Now  His For Raking In Thousands of Dollars Per Week With Simple, Do-It-Yourself Digital Products ( Even If Your 88-Year- Old Grandma Knows More About Computers Than You Do...) Now  His For Raking In Thousands of Dollars Per Week With Simple, Do-It-Yourself Digital Products ( Even If Your 88-Year- Old Grandma Knows More About Computers Than You Do...) Now before we continue, let me be perfectly clear about what I mean by You know the e-books you can buy on Amazon for five or ten dollars, and read on your phone or tablet? Those are examples of digital products. You don’t buy them in a store, or get them shipped to you. You download them immediately in digital format. You can go to right now and buy an e-book about how to lose your belly fat. Or train your dog. Or speak a foreign language. Or make more money, or find your soulmate, or essentially anything you have an interest in learning about. These are all digital products that were created by someone for the purpose of sharing information and making money. ​But About Selling Your Digital Product On And Here's Why... 1. Nobody pays serious money for Kindle ebooks. They’re cheap. And as the product creator, after Amazon takes its cut, you’re left with scraps. 2. It's way too hard to stand out in a crowd that huge. With Amazon, we’re talking MILLIONS of ebooks and products on every topic under the sun. Going up against this much competition is no fun, and pointless if you ask me. So now...imagine that I show you how to quickly set up your own website and sales page, which YOU control... And how to create a digital product which you can charge a LOT more money for. $47 a copy, $97, $199, or even more! When you make sales, you’re keeping virtually 100% of the money. Let's say you sell just one copy of your product per day, at $47. That’s almost $1500 a month extra you’re making in easy passive income... Because once that product goes up on the internet, your work is basically done. Your website sells it for you - around the clock.  Or, we can aim a little higher (because I know you like money...) Let's say you set up a $97 digital product, and you sell three a day. That would be around $9,000 a month pumping straight into your account.  Myself, I've got nearly 40 digital products at this point... And since I believe in being totally honest and transparent, let me show you what just one of my digital products earned for me last year. Here are my earnings from one of my other products. This product was created over two years ago. So, these earnings from last year (2016) and this year (2017) are 100% passive.  And here's one more. This is a product I created YEARS ago. It took me only a few weeks to put it together. This one doesn't rake in six figures the way it used to, but hey, I don't mind pocketing an extra $42k a year in completely passive income.  Here's Why Your ROI (Return On Investment) With You don't need to ship anything in the mail, or re-stock your inventory. The transaction happens online, and the customer downloads their product direct from your website.  You don't need to process the payments, or deal with annoying customers. I'll show you how to get set up on an amazing, that handles it all FOR you.  No need to pay employees, or rent a store or office space.  Your "business" is your website!  The Internet Never Sleeps: Your product is available for sale 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. I can show you how to get your digital product created for a few hundred dollars. Once you put it online, it can sell FOREVER - and you never run out of copies, because it's a simple file!  There's virtually ZERO overhead, no risk on your part, and the potential for unlimited passive income. Once you know how to create one product and release it, you can do it again with as many products and topics as you wish. (Earn some nice spare money with one product, or be like me and build your own "digital product empire.")  And Here's Where It Gets Instead of struggling to get your product noticed somewhere like Amazon, YOU can drive traffic towards your own website AND get traffic from affiliates.  Not sure what an affiliate is? That's ok, in a second, I’ll lay it out for you...and when I do, you'll be VERY happy to know they exist... I’m also going to show you how you to whip up an entire automated Sales Funnel that can sell more than one product at a time and triple or even quadruple your profits. When you’ve got a Sales Funnel, your product is just your “front end.” Once someone buys it, you can take them through a series of OTHER offers, so they spend more money with you. Such as...  Then, if you like big fat stacks of cash, like I do...use my "Stealth" Email Marketing strategy to follow up with your customers and sell them products over time... So, those $47 or $97 front end sales you’re making every day are just the tip of the iceberg as far as the money you can rake in... And when I show you my closely-guarded “Affiliate Advantage” strategy, that’s when you'll slam on the gas and your online business REALLY shifts into overdrive... So That Your Simple Little Website Sucks In Cash Like A Nuclear-Powered Vacuum Cleaner, All On Autopilot. Now, maybe you’re thinking, “I’m not a writer. I couldn’t write a whole book...” Or you're saying to yourself, “I’m not really an 'expert' or an 'authority' on anything. What would my product be about…?” The first thing I'd say to you is, you probably DO know a lot about a topic that people WILL pay money to learn.  Here's just a short list of topics that have been turned into six or seven-figure digital products:  How to eat healthier/lose weight/get in shape How to care for your pet  How to make money as a (insert career)  How to get out of debt/organize your finances How to have a happier relationship Or you can also approach it this way: think of a problem you used to have, which you figured out how to overcome. Are there other people who have this problem, too?  Well then, you've got the basis of a digital product that you could potentially make BIG money with. ​ (I know one guy who made a small fortune with a digital product about how he stopped snoring!) ​ And if you're thinking, "Why would someone buy MY product, when they could learn this information from a 'real' book...or from surfing the internet?" Well, this is where COPYWRITING comes in, my friend. This is the "secret sauce" that can take a boring website, selling a basic digital product, and make it look and feel irresistible.  Then, you'll know how to get it in front of your target audience - the people who NEED what you're selling. ​ Look, even if you hate the thought of writing, and have NO idea what the heck to make your product about, that's okay, too... Because You Just Need To Follow 3 Steps... I’ll show you how to be a “marketing sniper” and choose a niche that’s filled with hordes of hungry buyers who will CRAVE a product like yours. You’ll get your product online fast, with minimal effort. I'll even share my "lazy guy's formula" for outsourcing the whole project for pennies on the dollar. And, I'll teach you my so that you've got a sales page on your website that persuades people to whip out their credit cards and click on the "Buy Now" button.  Affiliates are "middle men," basically. They're online marketers who are looking for products to promote and earn money with. Affiliates spend their time and money to send YOU traffic. In return, they get paid a percentage of every sale they make of your product. And I’ll teach you a surefire trick to get your product in front of mobs of money-hungry affiliates, so they’re chomping at the bit to promote your product and make money from it. This way, your website gets free traffic every day and your sales skyrocket, with NO extra work on your end. In fact, I’m going to lay out the exact step-by-step roadmap I personally use to attract armies of affiliates who drive millions of dollars in sales to my simple digital products. You can do this in your spare time, to stuff your pockets with extra spending money... Or, kiss your day job goodbye and focus on creating more digital products and This Is Why Creating Simple Digital Products Can Be Your Fast Track To Wealth:So Now I Want To Share My Secrets With (And There's A Crazy Reason Why I'm Finally Revealing This...)This is a graphical representation of the product. When you purchase Passive Income Breakthrough, you will be given a membership login for instant access to all of the content.So Now Let Me Ask You A Question... What kind of value would YOU place on having the knowledge and power to set up a passive income stream on the internet… And then do it over and over again so that you have multiple income streams pumping money into your bank account, 24 hours a day…freeing you up to spend your time wherever and however you choose? I really don’t know HOW you would even start to put a price tag on something like that. But I guess I can try… I recently spoke at a closed-door seminar in Thailand where students eagerly paid $2,000 a head, plus hotel and airfare, to learn just a glimmer of what I’m laying out inside Passive Income Breakthrough... And $2,000 was actually a bargain if you could see what they’ve gone on to accomplish. I can tell you, when I was starting out, if I’d had the opportunity to learn first-hand from a team of top internet marketers, all willing to pull back the curtain on seven-figure business I would have jumped all over that like a pit bull on a bone. To be fair, $2,000 for this course would be a bargain. Just a moment from now, all of these secrets and strategies will be right in front of you on your screen. Considering the freedom that comes with being a Product Creator Someone like you in the very near future that is... Any one of these thing I just listed above are costly, but more than that, each one of them will KILL your dreams of owning a successful business online. And what exactly is the going rate for broken dreams, I never want you to need to do that particular piece of math... Really, $2,000 would be a miniscule investment when you picture the piles of passive cash you can start generating once you apply this simple, step-by-step formula. But you’re not going to pay $2,000. Not even close. You won’t even pay half of that. Not even a quarter of that. I’ll get to the price in just a moment, but there’s something else I want to flat-out give you when you Claim Your Copy of Passive Income Breakthrough Today… I'm Going To Flat-Out Give You This Bonus For Free (Which Normally Sells For $397 On Its Own)... I'm going to give you a full, uncut High Definition recording of the insider talk I did in Thailand. The same exact closed door presentation others eagerly paid $2,000 for. By ordering today, you get the complete Passive Income Breakthrough system... Plus the High Definition recording of my recent $2,000 closed-door seminar in Thailand...  For a one-time payment of only $397.00. Now, if smart folks are paying thousands to learn this information in person from me, you may be wondering why I’ve priced this so low… It’s because you’re being invited to take part in my “early bird” marketing test. During this introductory period, I’ve slashed the price because we want to gather testimonials from as many thrilled students as possible. So if you’re blown away by Passive Income Breakthrough (and I have every confidence you'll be shocked and delighted by what it does for your bank balance…) All I ask is that you email me and tell me how well it’s worked for you, so that I can use your testimonial to help spread the word. Of course, it’s completely up to you—if you’re amazed by this product and you don’t want to send in a testimonial, or you don’t have time to, that’s perfectly fine. I’ll still be hella proud of you and cheer you on. Promise.. I really just want you to give yourself the earning edge of Passive Income Breakthrough and experience the same life-changing results that I got from applying these same simple steps.Whether you want to catapult your online income to a whole new level, or you’re just getting started with online marketing, I want to give you my complete toolkit. I’m holding nothing back. With these easy-to-implement tools, you’ll know how to build your own digital product empire and become the master of your financial destiny. And I’m so confident that Passive Income Breakthrough will open your eyes to a whole new lifestyle of complete freedom that I’m going to have you test drive the system for a full 60 days before you decide if you even want to keep it. Dig through it, swipe my secrets, and then decide if it’s right for you. If for any reason (or no reason at all) you decide Passive Income Breakthrough just isn’t for you, you can email my friendly 24-Hour Customer Support Team and request an immediate refund. No hassles, no hard feelings, we still part as friends.Before I go, let me show you a picture... There are two kinds of people in a picture like this. There are those who have to scrimp and save so that their boss will allow them to go on a vacation once a year… And they know that in just a week or two, they’ll have to go back to the soul-crushing grind and keep working their butts off just to keep getting a paycheck. Yet never actually getting AHEAD. And you know there’s no such thing as “job security” any more. When you work for someone else, you’re always expendable. Then, there's the second type of people...those who have the money and freedom to spend their time as they please.  When you make the Passive Income Breakthrough, you call the shots and determine your own financial future. The financial future of your loved ones. And you’ll have fun doing it, working whenever and wherever your heart desires.  Nothing brings a smile to my face like waking up in the morning, sitting down in front of my laptop with a hot cup of coffee…looking out at the waves crashing against the beach… And seeing all the autopilot money I made just over the past eight hours, while I was fast asleep… I can't remember a morning when that hasn't happened for me. Now I want it to happen for you, too. The rapidly-growing army of regular people like you and me who discovered this extraordinary secret. A secret that gives us the power to choose when we work, where we work, and how much money we want to make. It’s time for you to bite down hard on the BILLIONS of dollars of profits online that are unclaimed right now. So Right Now You've Got Three Choices... Choice #1: You can leave this page with your tail between your legs and keep grinding away, trying to make a few bucks online... Trying out the different "tools" and "systems," getting distracted by the newest shiny object the "gurus" are peddling... All of which are designed to put money in THEIR pockets, and keep you on the outside, looking in.  Or you can stick with having an OK job, and making OK money, and having an OK life...  Have an OK relationship... Living in an okay home in an okay neighborhood...  If that's all you want and expect out of life, well that's...okay. But in your heart, this is not what you want. You know as well as I do that you deserve more.   Choice #2: You can take what you’ve learned in this presentation and “wing it.” Try to figure out how to create a digital product on your own. See if you can come up with a winning sales page, and get affiliates to promote you. But really, wouldn’t you rather know the secret shortcuts that the mega-successful product creators use to practically print their own money, and enjoy lives of freedom, excitement and endless abundance?  Then there’s Choice #3: Take Action Like You Know You Should. I've taken ALL of the risk off of you, and put it on my shoulders. That’s how much I believe in the power of I don’t want you to waste one more minute of your precious time sitting at your computer, making frustrating blunders, going in circles and NOT seeing results from your efforts… Instead, I want to give you instant access to the fast-track SOLUTION to building your own internet empire… Best of all, once you set up your product, it runs on autopilot and pumps money into your pockets while you sleep. If you think about it, we’re blessed—we live in a time when people like you and me can use the internet to generate unlimited passive income... So grab your piece of the pie, It’s waiting for you on the other side of this page. Type your best email address into the box below and click on the shiny orange button that says “Add To Cart.”

Mega Marketer And Super Affiliate Shares His Step By Step Process For Creating And Selling Digital Products On CB. Make Huge Commissions On This $397 Product. Get Your Email Swipes And Links Here: Http://
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