Publisher's Description

Reform Your Dog

Reform Your Dog Publisher's Description

Reform Your Dog

Harness the Genius Inside of You AND Fix Your Aggressive DogThis is not ONLY a way to start taking control of your dog's aggressive behaviour problem (and maybe even start a new romance with another dog owner) .... This is a way to feel validated.... Because when, with the help of this amazing Program, you discover the answers to your dogs problem(s), YOU are tapping into YOUR OWN uniqe creative genius.... A power that you can use time and time again. And I can't stress to you enough how satisfying that feels. Especially if you've ever been told off for making simple mistakes...when all you've been doing is learning. That is, experimenting with one of your 'tools' see what happens.  I mean, just imagine what it would be like to reclaim your bed or your sofa as your own WITHOUT your dog growling at you.... And to be able to walk with your dog past other dogs in a FRIENDLY sociable NORMAL kind of way... And imagine being able to do all this....If You're A Mom And Own A Dog You'll Know How Devasted I Felt... And how embarassed I was when my fox terrier bit a little girl on the arm one day. My son had come to visit so we decided to go for a walk on the beach. We took my fox terrier Zac with us. It started out okay. I love the smell of the sea, the sound of the waves and the gulls squawking above. I was listening carefully to what he was saying ...and just lost track of where my dog was. Then I heard a blood curdling scream, and I swung around to see where it was coming from .. There was a little girl who had been playing in the sand with her Dad. I could see two purple marks on her upper arm. And there was my dog standing nearby. I put one and one together. I rushed up to say "I'm sorry!" and to see what I could do to help..... .....only she just yelled even louder. So  I put Zac back on his leash and we made a hasty retreat back home. I wish that I had seen what had happened.  From then on I vowed to put him on a lead wherever children were playing. Also to warn parents about my not so cute at times fox terrier. And that was that for a while. But then things got even worse....... He disgraced himself again. Only this time with another dog.....  We met each other on the beach one day. Willoughby's owner had him on a lead and I had let Zac off his. We walked past them and that's when my dog launched himself at the St full attack mode. And latched his teeth onto the skin over that big furry black and brown chest. I couldn't understand why he did it. Willoughby had done nothing to provoke Zac... Once again I found myself apologizing for my dog and leading him away quickly before he disgraced himself even more. And a few days later I sent them an "I'm Sorry" card complete with a small treat for Will. From then on I tried to avoid Clint and his St Bernard whenever they approached ..on the pavement or on the beach. Only that didn't seem to work either. Zac would start barking and pulling at the lead from a long way away. His eyesight wasn't good but somehow he could tell it was him.  I was scared that he was going to slip his collar, cross the road and get hit by a car. I made excuses for my deaf and sight impaired foxie. And left it to that. My morning walks weren't quite so fun and relaxing any more. I was on edge whenever another dog or child got close to us. What made matters worse was that every other dog owner I met on the beach seemed to have perfectly friendly dogs. And whenever I bumped into Bernie...Willoughby's "Mom"...I imagined she was thinking .... ..."I wish she would control her dog better!" She hadn't said anything but I could read it in her face. She gave me THE LOOK.  You know the one that your mom gives you when you are doing something she doesn't like. I was beating myself up too.... inner mean girl was dishing up all sorts of abuse. Like..."You're hopeless. Your husband left you. You're a failure. Why don't you just admit it! ... ...and JUST GET YOUR DOG SORTED!"  I was getting depressed, living alone in my big beach house.... But then one I stood under a hot shower washing my suddenly hit me.. If it's to be it's up to me. I realized I could do one of three things...And more than anything else I knew that this last option was the right one to follow. So with a new sense of urgency and excitement I jumped online to discover what it REALLY took to become a successful dog leader and coach.... I sat until my backside got numb, but what I learned was far from overwhelming..... It seemed that every so called dog guru was teaching the exact same thing... They all made it sound tedious to do ....and the biggest problem was, they were stressing the importance of TRAINING as the only, whole and complete solution to dog aggression problems...... And in my gut I knew that wasn't it. So with a blinding obsession I drove myself forward.... The next few weeks and months were filled with thrills and revelations as I slowly but surely uncovered exciting new information. I wrote down all the different kinds of dog lovers and handlers I knew.... I interviewed them. It was a humbling experience finding out what I did not know. And what they do, what things they use to ensure their dogs were not only calm and friendly around other dogs, but also with people.....big and little.... I soaked it all up like a sponge and allowed everything to cook, hoping the next step would reveal itself. And soon after, while I was in the shower one morning, an idea bubbled up like the sulphurous gas in a geothermal mud pool... I still remember the magical feeling. A warm glow radiating from my heart and a new energy coursing through my veins..... I knew this was the first tool I'd been searching for.... I couldn't wait for it to turn up in the mail so my dog and I could start experimenting together. Could an old going deaf and blind dog learn how to sit again?  And as I started teaching him from scratch, for the first time I felt HOPEFUL.... I was no longer unsure of how to get above my dog in the pecking order.... I ordered another product and tentatively at first tried that. Almost immediately I felt more in control walking him on the pavement beside the busy morning traffic. I practised like a woman possessed as I saw my dog's behaviour improve steadily. I no longer had to put up with his snarling if I wanted to move him off my bed in the morning. And in just  21 days I had done it ....It dawned on me that there might be other dog owners that might be struggling with the exact same embarassing problems I had been wrestling with. And I wanted to help....but there's a limit to how much one person can physically do.... Then I had an Ah-Ha moment.... What if I put together all my discoveries, tips and secret techniques into an online program that ANYONE could use to experience the same amazing success fixing a cranky dog that I had had? I thought long and hard about it, and then made myself one massive promise.. If I was going to do this I vowed to make my program REAL, SIMPLE and FUN as possible, otherwise I'd be just like every other guru.... Right now you are standing in front of a door of opportunity..... With the KEY to solve all your problems and make all your dog induced stresses go away... But before I throw open this door for you, there is something I desperately need you to understand... Once you harness your Inner Genius and use the Reform Your Dog Program you'll be able to get your dog off the furniture without being snarled at, EVEN if deep down you're a little scared of it.. You'll be able to teach your dog new tricks so that you regain your rightful position in the pecking order and get back the respect you deserve.... And it doesn't matter if your dog has been grumpy for a long time or if its old, deaf and going blind.... When you follow the Reform Your Dog Program, getting back your happy go lucky dog becomes easier than you could imagine.. You'll be able to do all of this without struggle, without frustration and without getting physical yourself.. And listen, I know this might seem unbelievable right now, but I can't wait for you to experience what it feels like to feel less anxious around children... And to be able to pass other dogs on the pavement without a drama. No matter how far out of reach this feels right now, I assure you that this IS possible for you, just like it was for me.The Reform Your Dog Program is the result of months of hard work on my part (and a whole lot of love and despair along the way), to condense every little secret ingredient I have discovered about how to stop a dog from biting.... Into a fast, effective program that ensures you get incredible results every time, even if you have more than one dog at home. I've done all the hard work and made all the mistakes so you don't have to.... And it's your turn to experience the mindboggling success for yourself.... When I got to work mindmapping out the proven and tested secrets to preventing dogs from getting triggered into aggressive behaviour, I knew 3 things: My program had to be simple and as close to 'done for you' as humanly possible for ANYONE who used it. It had to be fast working so that you can experience amazing results in as little as a week or two or three. It needed to be broad based and proven to work in different situations, so that nobody could fail. I created a dog transformation program that allows you to reteach your Badass dog, no matter if it is a three month Chihuahua puppy or an eight year old Golden Labrador.  So whether you'd like to stop your dog being aggressive around food or with other dogs or with children... EVERYTHING you need to know is covered in my program.... Here is a sneak peak at what you will discover when you use the Reform Your Dog Program....What would it be WORTH to be able to leave your dog at the kennels when you need a weekend away with your sweetheart, alone? Look you might be thinking "I'm too busy"...I haven't got time to put the work in. And I get it. I have lots of things to do every day too. Only it's amazing how much you can do in just 15 minutes a day... Or perhaps you're wondering "My dog is too big, too small, too young, or too old to learn new snap out if it". Sure, a dog's needs change as they get older.They get slower like we do. Which is even more reason to keep them challenged and excited with new stuff. Yes, even old dogs can learn new tricks. And there's the thought that "My dog is too damaged to change". For sure ...some dogs will take longer than others.  If you own a seriously aggressive large dog you may need help from a specialist. What we're trying to do here is to stop little problems from becoming big unmanageable ones. But thankfully this won't happen to you... Because not too long ago I was struggling, frustrated and ready to give up, until I opened a door and discovered a treasure chest of tools, tips and techniques that helped me achieve my dream.... And today I want to do the same for YOU.. So keeping that at the top of your mind .... What do you think would be a fair price to be able to tranform your bad tempered pooch into a sweet friendly dog again?  (Given that most dog behaviourists charge up to $150 per session and expect you to commit to at least six of them... And that's not including all the new equipment they want you to buy on top of their time...) Personally, I think the professionally valued price of $197 for the Reform Your Dog Program is a really good deal.... And I'm sure you'd agree that this is a totally fair price to be able to relax again when out walking your dog.... But I also understand that you might be thinking a $197 price tag is a little out of your reach, and I can totally understand that (after all not too long ago I said goodbye to my full time veterinarians salary).... And that's why I've made it my mission to make this program as affordable and risk free as possible, for every person who is committed to achieving their dog fixing dreams.... Which is why today you're NOT going to pay $197 for the Reform Your Dog Program.... You're not going to pay $147.... You're not even going to pay $97... For you today, because you are committed to discovering your authentic dog fixing genius, I am giving you my special price of.. Yes, you really can get this amazing program at this ridiculous discounted price - as long as you leap into action right now! Then worry no more, because to make it really easy for you to join up with complete confidence today, at absolutely NO RISK to yourself, I'm giving you....You may still have some unanswered questions. If you do, no worries, you can get in touch with us by sending an email to  [email protected] . We'll send you a reply within two business days. O.K. Lets do some simple maths and add this all up so you can see for yourself what a great deal you are getting: First you get the Reform Your Dog Program worth $197 for just $29.50....which I'm sure you'll agree is already an amazing deal.... But if you act right now you'll also get full access to my incredible 4 super bonuses with a total bonus value of $202...and you can't even get them anywhere else! So that brings your total value to a whopping $399.... All yours today for just one simple payment of $29.50! That's a saving of $370 or a huge 92% off... I don't know about you but if I went to the bookstore and got this much stuff for just $29.50 I'd be over the moon with joy... Click here to take advantage of this incredible deal right now And you will be guided through the 100% secure checkout process.... Where you can review your order, and pay by credit card. Once you do that you'll be taken to the members area and then a download page. Here you will be able to directly download the Reform Your Dog Program including all of your super bonuses in Pdf format.... Immediately. No shipping. No waiting. You can get started right away. Plus you'll be given log in details so you can return to your members area and be able to access my program on any device and at any time, including your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer Imagine how it's going to feel being able to go walking confidently with your dog in public in a way you've always wanted to,but never believe you could ... Imagine the feeling of pure joy and the incredible sense of achievement you will experience when you show off your dog(s) at the next family barbeque.... Imagine your chest swelling with pride when your dog stays calm as a young child pats him.... You're going to be shocked and amazed when you experience how simple and fun it can be to fix your Badass dog into one you can be proud of again. But you must take action and discover these geniusy tips and tools now.... The way I see it is that you have come to a fork in the road. You have a choice of two paths to go down....But like always the choice is up to you..... Is it okay for me to ask you two questions? Yes? Fabulous.... here they are.... Does it feel like all the planets are aligned right now? Do you feel an internal motor inside of you that is driving you forward?..... ....if so, then take it as a sign from YOUR inner wisdom that this is the right choice. And simply click the big button below, enter your payment details and you'll receive full access to The Reform Your Dog Program.... PLUS When Your Dog Bites...9 Essential Survival Hacks, The "I'm Sorry" Letter Collection, and 11 Ultimate Secrets for Building Confidence....

New Offer From The Creator Of Reform Your Dog, Authored By Veterinarian Jane Sisam. High Quality Product Solving Dog Aggression Issues And Dog Owner Leadership. 75% Front End Commissions, 50% On Upsells. Affiliate Tools
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