Publisher's Description

Silk Road Effect

Silk Road Effect Publisher's Description


So, I used to work for a small but busy accountancy firm in New York City.I’d been there forI even met my wife there and we now have 2 young children.I was just your typical average American guy living the dream… right?Yeah right! If that’s the American dream… man it sucks!Crunching numbers every day was killing me.I felt like a zombie most days and dreamed of getting away and starting my life over……but you just can’t do that when you’ve got a young family to support and a mortgage… and all the other bills and crap that you have to deal with.then one day I just flipped.My boss had just dropped another huge pile of invoices on my desk and I screamed a few obscenities at him… I can’t remember exactly what I shouted but it wasn’t nice… really… it wasn’t.So I got myself fired.I went home and told my wife and we had one hell of a fight.I told her not to worry and that I would find a way to make some money quickly… and legally.What the heck are we going to live on?How are we going to manage paying the bills?Believe me… there’s no better motivator for finding a way to make money quickly than when you’ve just lost your only source of income and have a family to feed.I spent most nights on my laptop searching the Internet for a way to make money…In my free time I started to read a lot and got reading a very interesting book on global trade wars.It was fascinating, especially when I read into the history of commerce, in particular Silk Roads history.Silk Road was a phenomenon and its effects still plays a pivotal role in our daily lives today.It is also the reason why China is a global powerhouse when it comes to ecommerce.In the western world we are programmed to believe that we are the powerhouse and all the money and power rests with us right?The only reason some of the global conglomerates are making so much money on a global basis is because of the Far East and Silk Road’s origins.Look at the majority of the biggest fashion and technology brands out there.They also are benefitting from theGiants like Apple and Amazon would not exist if it had not been for theAll of Apples products are made in the Far East and the profit margins there are ridiculous. In one quarter they boasted of generating an insanein sales.Amazon are now the biggest company in the world who’s main business is ecommerce, in the way of people buying and selling consumer goods via their website.Last year they did overin revenue and where do you think that overof the products sold via Amazon were made?Yea you got it in the Far East.Nike sell sneakers for hundreds of dollars that cost them less than 10 bucks to make and the same can be said for most of the huge fashion brands.It’s not a coincidence hundreds of billions of dollars are being made in the West as a result of thein the Far East.We stay poor while they make more.The west keep the best for themselves, and we as consumers lap up everything they sell us without questioning it or without asking for a slice of the trillion dollar pie being made in the west.But here’s the thing.The effects of Silk Road, is not an opportunity only available to the big boys.Seriously there is arounda year up for grabs for people like me and you… it’s phenomenal… it’s mind-boggling and it’s just plain madness.So, I thought… what if I could just cream of a tiny percentage of that?I’d be rich beyond my wildest dreams… yeah?All I ever wanted was a way to make some regular cash, spend more time with my family and be able to live comfortably.Okay, so now I live like a millionaire… because I am… and because I can.I earn an average ofand spend all my time doing the things I really love to doI’ve got it all and I’ve done it allSo don’t believe anyone who tells you it can’t be done.If I can do it then anyone can.Now, let’s just get one thing clear!You do not need to be rich, experienced, or to own any products to be able to succeed in ecommerce..From what began in Silk Road has developed into a global phenomenon, which has allowed people like you to be able to generate millions of dollars, by taking advantage other merchants and product developers.I make my living as a seller without even owning or making a single product, all thanks to thethat began many centuries ago with far eastern merchants.I’m already made so I don’t care one way or the other whether you decide to listen to me or not.There’s someone that will take your place in a blink of an eye if you don’t.This is your opportunity to learn how to set up your own ecommerce business.I will never guarantee you the amounts of money that you will earn, but I can tell you what works for me.I work very hard and maybe you don’t have the same work ethics.After a hell of a lot of studying and even more researching I have managed to develop a system that allows me to sell products for at least 10x the amount I paid for them, and more often than not I am able to sell products for hundreds of dollars that I didn’t even anything pay for or never even see for that matter.It’s crazy to think that a person could make money without needing any serious capital.I have compiled ancient secrets into a powerful system.Ecommerce is a huge industry thanks to what began on Silk Road all of those centuries ago.Now it is your turn to set up your own ecommerce business.Millions of dollars are being made every single day by sellers.In all my years in bookkeeping I have never seen figures like this.Billions of dollars changing hands over the Internet…I desperately want you to see the pontential…Did you know that if I were able to cream off just 0.25% of $250billion I would make $625million?That’s right! Just one quarter of one per cent of $250billion is $625million.Again I will never make false promises to you and wont claim how much you can earn, but I will show you how to set up an ecommerce business.The system I created allows me to do what giants likeand Apple do.I have developed a system that allows me to earn up toeach day.I call it the, as it pay homage to the merchants of the Silk Road era who paved the way for people like you and I to be able to get rich from the comforts of our own home.That’s how all the rich boys make their money in the West.I will show you step by step exactly how I built my ecommerce business.I am able to build an online store and sell product I don’t even own to earn my money.I want to show you how you can get into ecommerce today.My system is designed to show you the steps on how to set up your own store and how to source the products to sell.This is a real opportunity to start an online business but it’s only for those who believe it… want it… need it… desire it... and truly deserve it.Well check this out… I am going to make thesystem available to you today.The price you see on this page is not a typo… It is the special low price I am giving you access to my system for.And I’ve not finished yet, although I am giving you access for less than the price of a decent meal for 2, I am so confident that you will like thethat if you don’t, I will refund you every cent of what you paid.This is my iron clad no questions asked 60 day money back guarantee.If you are not happy with the system for any reason whatsoever, then simply ask for your money back.That makes this completely risk-free to you.Want to work from home… take time off when you want and have more freedom?Then you need to jump on board right now before it is too late.Places are filling up as you watch this.If my boss hadn’t overloaded me with work that day then I might still be at my desk wearing out the keys on my calculator.Instead I’m living in a luxury house…I can jet off to any location in the world and I’ll still make money while I’m doing it.If you have a burning desire to start your own online business then make sure you get in NOW!Simply enter your email in the form on this page to get started right now.I’m really looking forward to seeing you on board.

Silk Road Effect System Is The Ultimate Training Course For Building An Online Empire. The Copy Is Written By One Of The Best In The Business And Has Been Converting Like Crazy For Affiliates. With 75% Commission Payouts It Is Time To Promote Now
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