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Shuffleboard Showdown Shuffleboard Showdown
by Lantern Games
Are you ready for Shuffleboard Showdown - or is Shuffleboard Showdown ready for you? We push fun and realism to new extremes in Shuffleboard Sho...
more about Shuffleboard Showdown
3D Chess 3D Chess
by Lantern Games
If youre looking for a fun and challenging game of Chess, youve found it. This incredible chess game will win you over you with its gorgeous 3...
more about 3D Chess
Foosball Frenzy Foosball Frenzy
by Lantern Games
Your jaw will drop when you see Foosball Frenzys colorful graphics, realistic sound effects and true-to-life physics. Play on computerized versio...
more about Foosball Frenzy
Checkers Ultimate
by Lantern Games
Tired of wimpy Checkers games that produce nothing but yawns? Then step up to a Checkers offering that packs an invigorating 3D punch. Choose t...
more about Checkers Ultimate
Mini Golf Tournament
by Lantern Games
Mini Golf Tournament puts you on the greens and challenges you to make a hole-in-one. Have fun beating par on creatively designed courses. Chip ...
more about Mini Golf Tournament
Poker Sharks
by Lantern Games
Poker Sharks let?s you take your bankroll into a posh casino and try your hand in a Texas Hold ?Em tournament. Play in three casinos - from the d...
more about Poker Sharks
Air Hockey Adrenaline Air Hockey Adrenaline
by Lantern Games
Youll have a blast with Air Hockey Adrenaline -- as you try to defend your goal against your opponents incredible puck work. Experience t...
more about Air Hockey Adrenaline
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World's Only 'ALL-INCLUSIVE' Video Platform To Create Next Generation Pro-Quality Videos In Any Language or Niche Within Minutes

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