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Lyttlesoft Studios

CD Finder 2.1
by Lyttlesoft Studios
Have you ever wanted a simple way of searching through all your CD-ROMs? If you regularly backup files onto blank CDROMs or burn numerous MP3CDs yo...
more about CD Finder 2.1
Alarm Clock Reminders
by Lyttlesoft Studios
Never forget important dates. Alarm Clock Reminders will help to keep you on track by making your day more efficient and productive. No need ...
more about Alarm Clock Reminders
Screenshot Export and KeyType (Special Package)
by Lyttlesoft Studios
Limited Offer; Get Screenshot Export and KeyType in one package for the low cost of $7.95 For a limited time only, you can receive these two utilit...
more about Screenshot Export and KeyType (Special Package)
Lyttlesoft KeyType
by Lyttlesoft Studios
What is this program all about? Have you ever wanted your home personal computer to sound like a type writer? Well now you can, with this fun ga...
more about Lyttlesoft KeyType
by Lyttlesoft Studios
A spam filtering program unlike any other. Spamologist utilizes several fully customizable defense mechanisms; dictionary filtering, advanced dicti...
more about Spamologist
Internet Speedster
by Lyttlesoft Studios
It doesnt matter if your connection is fast or slow, Internet Speedster will increase the speed of it. By using several unique techniques to make...
more about Internet Speedster
Personal Organizer and Alarm Clock Reminders
by Lyttlesoft Studios
To celebrate the release of Lyttlesoft Personal Organizer, you can take advantage of our strictly limited offer! Get the full version of Personal O...
more about Personal Organizer and Alarm Clock Reminders
Lyttlesoft Personal Organizer
by Lyttlesoft Studios
The luxury of more free time ? to do what you want to do ? is just one of the many perks that have always been associated with being organized. Now...
more about Lyttlesoft Personal Organizer
Lyttlesoft Email Alerter
by Lyttlesoft Studios
Email Alerter sits nicely on your system tray (next to the clock, usually at the bottom right of the screen). It periodicly connects to your ma...
more about Lyttlesoft Email Alerter
Screenshot Export Full Version
by Lyttlesoft Studios
What is this program all about? Quickly and easily save desktop or game screenshots to your computer in Bitmap or Jpeg format.Useful for review...
more about Screenshot Export Full Version
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