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Xing Interactive B.V.

Xing Accounting Xing Accounting
by Xing Interactive B.V.
Affordable IFRS compliant software for small and medium sized businesses. Tired of complex accounting software you have to purchase at the expense ...
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Barry the Sea Horse Barry the Sea Horse
by Xing Interactive B.V.
Barry the Sea Horse's family has been abducted by Sharkon the evil ruler of the 7 seas and his many minions. In this swim 'em up platform game Barr...
more about Barry the Sea Horse
The Flying Dutchman The Flying Dutchman
by Xing Interactive B.V.
Unravel the Mystery of The Flying Dutchman in this hidden objects game. Only you can locate all clues on the map and lift the curse that plagues th...
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Old MacDonald Had A Farm Old MacDonald Had A Farm
by Xing Interactive B.V.
In Old MacDonald Had a Farm you have to help your grandfather ru his farm during the school holidays. Hard work and you'll get dirty but at least ...
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Sushi Bar Express Sushi Bar Express
by Xing Interactive B.V.
In Sushi Bar Express you have to start a career as a Sushi chef and absorb all of the wise teachings of your master. He'll teach you how to slice, ...
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Xing Chess Xing Chess
by Xing Interactive B.V.
The ultimate 3D Chess game! Play against a friend or the computer. Up to master level (2500 ELO) youll find a challenge but you can also play Xing ...
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War Operations War Operations
by Xing Interactive B.V.
Go on secret missions and rescue hostages. Stealth Wargaming at its best! Play alone or in co-op mode with another human player and blow up enemy b...
more about War Operations
4x4 Dream Race 4x4 Dream Race
by Xing Interactive B.V.
Rev it up with a 4x4 Monster Truck race true fans can only dream about! 4 massive races, many AI opponents, 10 different models to customise your v...
more about 4x4 Dream Race
Dweebs - Platinum Remix Dweebs - Platinum Remix
by Xing Interactive B.V.
On its way back from Cygnus-X, an alien space freighter crashes on planet Earth with a cargo hold full of furry Dweeboids. These colourful little c...
more about Dweebs - Platinum Remix
The Adventures of Ambages The Adventures of Ambages
by Xing Interactive B.V.
The Adventures of Ambages is a 3D action adventure game in which you guide the Hero (called Ambages) to slay hordes of evil Goblins and rid the lan...
more about The Adventures of Ambages
P-Slider P-Slider
by Xing Interactive B.V.
A strange meteor crashed into our heros habitat. Now he has lost his family. Help our hero find his way back to his family by collecting the meteor...
more about P-Slider
Jewel Fever Jewel Fever
by Xing Interactive B.V.
Get ready for feverish puzzle action in Jewel Fever! Get ready for feverish puzzle action in Jewel Fever! Rotate the jewels as they fall into pl...
more about Jewel Fever
Pentrix 3D Pentrix 3D
by Xing Interactive B.V.
Pentrix 3D is the next incarnation of the popular block drop game, with a 3D twist! Play this 1980s classic game concept alone or with a friend and...
more about Pentrix 3D
Dweebs 3: Furbidden Planet Dweebs 3: Furbidden Planet
by Xing Interactive B.V.
On their quest to reach their home planet Cygnus X, you must help the Dweebs solve many puzzles that await in outer space as they cross time itself...
more about Dweebs 3: Furbidden Planet
Dig Dog Out Dig Dog Out
by Xing Interactive B.V.
Help Rex the Dog get rid of pesky vermin in his backyard! In this modern version of the classic arcade game you blast rodents, scorpions and other ...
more about Dig Dog Out
European Football Manager European Football Manager
by Xing Interactive B.V.
Manage your favourite team and lead them to cup and league glory as player/manager! Thousands of players, hundreds of clubs and all fully customisa...
more about European Football Manager
The Pirate Treasures The Pirate Treasures
by Xing Interactive B.V.
The Pirate Treasures is a funny game about pirates and their difficult life. You should help Willy, a small pirate, to collect treasures all over t...
more about The Pirate Treasures
Pizza Deliciozo Pizza Deliciozo
by Xing Interactive B.V.
Open your own Pizza restaurant and bake the best Pizza pies ever! Match 3 or more ingredients together to complete the different orders and make su...
more about Pizza Deliciozo
Ethno Stones of RAR Ethno Stones of RAR
by Xing Interactive B.V.
About Ethno Stones of RAR A match 3 Game in ethno style. The aim of the gameplay is to find sets of 3 of the same stones. This can be horizontal o...
more about Ethno Stones of RAR
Gemstars Gemstars
by Xing Interactive B.V.
Casual Puzzle gaming at its best! Rebuild the constellation of the zodiac by matching stargems together in a group.
more about Gemstars
Xing Backgammon Xing Backgammon
by Xing Interactive B.V.
Magnificent 3D Backgammon game! Play against the computer or against a friend in this classic board game. Move your pieces to the other side of the...
more about Xing Backgammon
Xing Mahjongg Xing Mahjongg
by Xing Interactive B.V.
Brilliant 3D Mahjongg game! Play unlimited levels filled with puzzle fun. Runs fast on latops as well as desktop PCs.In brilliant 3D graphical sple...
more about Xing Mahjongg
Dragon-X: Gold Quest Dragon-X: Gold Quest
by Xing Interactive B.V.
Help the little Dragon get back the Gold evil Monsters stole from him! Classic platform action with hordes of enemies to defeat and many worlds to ...
more about Dragon-X: Gold Quest
Xing Sudoku Xing Sudoku
by Xing Interactive B.V.
The Japanese puzzle game sudoku in splendit 3D! 16 million possible puzzles so youll never ever get bored playing Xing sudoku.
more about Xing Sudoku
Hole in One Mini Golf Hole in One Mini Golf
by Xing Interactive B.V.
Brilliant 3D Mini Golf game! Play more then 75 different holes in 3 stages of beautiful scenery.
more about Hole in One Mini Golf
2 in 1 Checkers & Reversi 2 in 1 Checkers & Reversi
by Xing Interactive B.V.
2 classic board games in 1! Play Checkers and Reversi on your computer system. Great graphics and hours of single and 2 player gameplay with excell...
more about 2 in 1 Checkers & Reversi
Bali Adventure Bali Adventure
by Xing Interactive B.V.
Embark for the Bali jungle as you brave the puzzles created by unknown forces in an effort to rescue your friend! Help Super Nanat rescue the Princ...
more about Bali Adventure
World of Pentrix World of Pentrix
by Xing Interactive B.V.
The Classic Block Drop game has come into the new century! With brilliant colours, music and sound effects and intuitive gameplay tune ups this cla...
more about World of Pentrix
Jewel Shooter Jewel Shooter
by Xing Interactive B.V.
Survive the treasure chambers of Anubis Pyramid! Shoot jewels in order to clear the treasure that is being pushed down by the mighty Egyptian deity...
more about Jewel Shooter
Carolines Garden Carolines Garden
by Xing Interactive B.V.
Dutch developers and publishers Xing Interactive are proud to announce the pending release of a new casual PC title in their Female Games range, wh...
more about Carolines Garden
Bubu Kong Bubu Kong
by Xing Interactive B.V.
What will you do when the girl you love leaves you for an ape? Help Super Nanat get his love back in this brand new classic arcade!! Some times, Bu...
more about Bubu Kong
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