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Xing Interactive (UK)

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Xing Interactive (UK)

Flying Dutchman Flying Dutchman
by Xing Interactive (UK)
Unravel the Mystery of The Flying Dutchman in this hidden objects game. Only you can locate all clues on the map and lift the curse that plagues th...
more about Flying Dutchman
Kick 'n' Rush Soccer
by Xing Interactive (UK)
Brilliant 3D Soccer game featuring friendly, league and cup matches. Includes international world cup teams. Play against the computer or a friend ...
more about Kick 'n' Rush Soccer
Xing Omaha Hold'Em Poker
by Xing Interactive (UK)
It?s a close relative of Texas Hold?em, where each player is dealt four cards and must make his best hand using exactly two of them, plus exactly t...
more about Xing Omaha Hold'Em Poker
eXtreme Demolition
by Xing Interactive (UK)
Extreme Demolition is THE car demolition game, featuring no less than 6 games modes.
more about eXtreme Demolition
Winter Sports Extreme
by Xing Interactive (UK)
Winter Sports Extreme includes two game modes: Quick Race and Contest. Choose between 4 different events: skiing, ski jumping, snowboarding and big...
more about Winter Sports Extreme
Xing Texas Hold'Em Poker
by Xing Interactive (UK)
Texas hold'em poker is the most popular poker game worldwide, played with a typical 52 card deck. You can find it in countries all around the world...
more about Xing Texas Hold'Em Poker
Xing Roulette
by Xing Interactive (UK)
Xing Roulette lets you play both European and American Roulette on your PC. Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003 1Ghz Processor 64Mb RAM 32Mb Gra...
more about Xing Roulette
Quan Yin Mahjongg
by Xing Interactive (UK)
Design your own Mahjongg tiles and levels in Quan Yin Mahjongg.
more about Quan Yin Mahjongg
by Xing Interactive (UK)
PC remake version of the 1980s classic Plentypede. While remaining as close in spirit to the original as you can get, the PC version is presented...
more about Plentypede
Lost Stones
by Xing Interactive (UK)
You must discover the rest of the "Lost Stones" before your home is consumed by the pending danger!
more about Lost Stones
Enchanted Forest
by Xing Interactive (UK)
You are the Troll Wizard, your mission is to travel to the distant Evil Castle where an evil wizard has taken the troll's magic crystal. If you do ...
more about Enchanted Forest
Chess Match
by Xing Interactive (UK)
Fun to play Chess variant. Train your skills with this training exercise. As Bobby Fischer said, the main game itself has been analysed to death. I...
more about Chess Match
Pizza Deliciozo
by Xing Interactive (UK)
Open your own Pizza restaurant and bake the best Pizza pies ever! Match 3 or more ingredients together to complete the different orders and make su...
more about Pizza Deliciozo
Jewel Fever
by Xing Interactive (UK)
Get ready for feverish puzzle action in Jewel Fever! Rotate the jewels as they fall into place, connect three or more in a row to clear them awa...
more about Jewel Fever
Caroline's Garden
by Xing Interactive (UK)
Help Caroline save her father's gardening business. You are the son of a famous gardener and you have to help Caroline make a profit and win the fl...
more about Caroline's Garden
Bubu Kong
by Xing Interactive (UK)
Save Alyssa from the clutches of this hairy ape! Super Nanat has to make it safely through 50 levels of mayhem in order to rescue his girlfriend. T...
more about Bubu Kong
Adventures of Ambages
by Xing Interactive (UK)
The Adventures of Ambages is a 3D action adventure game in which you guide the hero (called Ambages) to slay hordes of evil Goblins and rid the lan...
more about Adventures of Ambages
4x4 Dream Race
by Xing Interactive (UK)
Rev it up with a 4x4 Monster Truck race true fans can only dream about! 4 massive races, many AI opponents, 10 different models to customise your v...
more about 4x4 Dream Race
Robofriends in Splush Trouble
by Xing Interactive (UK)
In this unique game, the robot favourite brand of fizzy drink Splush has been stolen by aliens, prompting robot rebellion.
more about Robofriends in Splush Trouble
Puzzle Fever
by Xing Interactive (UK)
Puzzle Fever is a fun and addicting puzzle game. Put three or more blocks of the same color in a row to blow them up. The game gets harder and fast...
more about Puzzle Fever
Caveman Survival
by Xing Interactive (UK)
Real Time Strategy - In this game you lead your clueless band of rugged cave people to victory over their enemies and cope with daily necessities l...
more about Caveman Survival
The Gambling Hall
by Xing Interactive (UK)
Gambling Hall is a package of PC gambling games for entertainment purposes: Video Poker, Video Blackjack (21), Slots, Roll The Bones (craps), Hi-Lo...
more about The Gambling Hall
Princess Izzie
by Xing Interactive (UK)
The game is a brilliant 3D game in which the tables are turned on a beautiful Princess. Instead of the traditional version where the Prince gets en...
more about Princess Izzie
Pizza Dude
by Xing Interactive (UK)
Make and deliver pizzas as fast as you can with this funny game. Poor Uncle Francesco! What has happened to him? He has run out of money and has...
more about Pizza Dude
Jakarta Motorcross Challenge
by Xing Interactive (UK)
During 12 tours of terror you can show your friends who is the best biker in Jakarta!
more about Jakarta Motorcross Challenge
Ice World
by Xing Interactive (UK)
Save the little whale which is taken prisoner by an evil Yeti who keeps in a locked cage.
more about Ice World
Glacier Racer
by Xing Interactive (UK)
Race down the Alps at incredible speed! Watch out for falling rocks, aggressive competitors, ultra-mines, rockets, machineguns, helicopters, 4WD po...
more about Glacier Racer
F1 Chequered Flag
by Xing Interactive (UK)
Experience high-speed racing at it?s best, with high performance super-cars. Reach incredible top speeds, cause spectacular crashes, do all what it...
more about F1 Chequered Flag
Ethno Stones of RAR
by Xing Interactive (UK)
Ethno Stones of RAR A match 3 Game in ethno style. The aim of the gameplay is to find sets of 3 of the same stones. This can be horizontal or verti...
more about Ethno Stones of RAR
Amsterdam Street Racer
by Xing Interactive (UK)
Dodge police cars, smash traffic cars, eliminate your opponents, take breath-taking jumps, burn rubber and race your way to the final checkpoint! E...
more about Amsterdam Street Racer
Xing Kakuro
by Xing Interactive (UK)
After the huge success of Sudoku puzzle gamers can now sink their teeth in the official sequel to the popular Japanese puzzle game.
more about Xing Kakuro
by Xing Interactive (UK)
The classic drop game
more about Pentrix
Mazeman Mania 3D
by Xing Interactive (UK)
You can switch from classic top down view to 3D and even change to FPS view for that extra adrenaline boost!
more about Mazeman Mania 3D
Legend of Luwa
by Xing Interactive (UK)
Legend of Luwa leads you on an adventure into the mysterious ancient Chinese countryside. Talk to the villagers to receive Bonus items and practice...
more about Legend of Luwa
Jewel Explorer
by Xing Interactive (UK)
Update of 1980s "dig for diamonds" games. JewelExplorer is a very addictive classic game. The objective of the game is explore an area to get je...
more about Jewel Explorer
Elite Heli Squad
by Xing Interactive (UK)
The war in 'Ronnaq Al Erwinabia' is getting heavier and more serious then ever. Continous bombings and aerial attacks are destroying our precious c...
more about Elite Heli Squad
Dweebs Slots
by Xing Interactive (UK)
Realistic arcade slot machine and bonus mini-games, that will test your betting skills!
more about Dweebs Slots
Dweebs 2
by Xing Interactive (UK)
Cute puzzler. Help all the Dweebs reach their goal and survive the many puzzles ahead!
more about Dweebs 2
Crazy Duck Hunter
by Xing Interactive (UK)
Crazy Duck Hunter is a first person shooter based on the classic duckhunt game. Game Features: There are five game modes including "Duck ...
more about Crazy Duck Hunter
Chess Commander
by Xing Interactive (UK)
Chess Commander is a next generation chess game for the PC.
more about Chess Commander
Charm School
by Xing Interactive (UK)
Charm School is a simulation/role-playing game in which you are responsible for training three students in the arts of magic and adventure. As t...
more about Charm School
Champion Brain Games
by Xing Interactive (UK)
Piggy Banker Cash in coins by making combos of the same denominations before they reach the bottom of the screen! Ghost Manor Your goal i...
more about Champion Brain Games
Champion Board Games - Chinese Checkers
by Xing Interactive (UK)
Chinese Checkers is a Champion board game, a challenging and entertaining compendium of classic board games.
more about Champion Board Games - Chinese Checkers
Captain Genia
by Xing Interactive (UK)
The Adventures of Captain Genia is a fun and fast paced platformadventure game for children and young adults, it features Captain Genia, a loveable...
more about Captain Genia
by Xing Interactive (UK)
Breakout Velocity is a wall busting game with forty mapped levels and an infinite random level generator. The wall gets gradually lower, there are ...
more about Breakout
Animals of The World
by Xing Interactive (UK)
Animals of the World is an interactive and educational product designed specifically for children. It teaches them animal facts and information, as...
more about Animals of The World
Amju Super Golf
by Xing Interactive (UK)
This is a golf game unlike any other - super colorful, packed with things to do, and a soundtrack you'll love. Play on your own as Amju, or with a ...
more about Amju Super Golf
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