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AVCWare HD Converter6

Developer AVCWare Studio
Category Video
Date Added December 22, 2010
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License Shareware

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Review: AVCWare HD Converter6
Reviewed by: Diana on 2010-12-23

With ACDWare HD Converter6 it is very easy to convert HD formats to the format you need. You don't have to waste a lot of time to convert High-definition video, because this program works very quickly.


1.First of all, this converter works with the most widely used languages like:

  • Chinese;
  • Spanish;
  • Japanese;
  • English;
  • German;
  • French.

2.It will be possible to convert such HD video as:

  • MKV;
  • AVCHD;
  • HD Quick Time;
  • HD MPEG 4;
  • HD AVI;
  • H.264/AVC;
  • HD ASF;
  • HD WMV.

3.Automatical detection of multi-core CPU and distribution of tasks on multy-core for getting high video conversion speed.

4.You can set by yourself the time and duration of certain video segment for converting it.

5.You can also adjust the size of the file.

6.You'll be able to extract audio from video.

7.It can be used for your portable devices.

8.Even the most uncommon file formats are converted to be compatible with your devices.

9.The quality of the output video, audio or picture will impress you.

So, there is nothing better for converting HD format than AVCWare HD Converter6.

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