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Developer Babylon Ltd.
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Date Added December 10, 2009
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Review: Babylon Translation Software
Reviewed by: Dan on 2012-11-21

Electronic dictionaries for more comfortable in the treatment, rather than their paper counterparts, in particular because it often allows you to expand its wiki" base. 

Developers Babylon dictionary have decided to go even further. They've introduced the possibility of a transfer any of the words by pressing specific keys. The Babylon this should be running, but also to open it and enter a search word in the search window is already not necessarily. 

Instant translation of hot keys allows you to save a lot of time and to accelerate understanding the text, but it pops up a serious flaw Babylon. When you first start Babylon they show us the window in which an explanation is given on the topic "as it is easier to obtain the desired translation the words": it is highlighted, press and hold Ctrl button and then click the right mouse button on the word. In the same window is available for the text, which can be delicious. Unfortunately, as the Monkey Training window nowhere else such a transfer method correctly is not earned. I checked a few web sites and documents in LibreOffiñe and nowhere had not received an adequate result, therefore, compelled to fast translation words to place Babylon "reflective". 

Nevertheless, as an electronic dictionary Babylon motivated me a favorable impression. Not every program will be able to translate the words in the entire 75 languages. All dictionaries are already included in the program, there is a stepping stone to advanced is not to be. 
However, the program fee. A month of use is 7.9 EUR, perpetual license - 79 EUR. Such a price might appear to be somewhat excessive, but also a very good quality English translation of the words Babylon allows you to transfer and entire proposal. Of course, from the work of live translator received texts very far, but the overall meaning can be understood without labor. 

Small quantity of Babylon dictionary (about 500 Kbytes) is due to the fact that a large part of the data loaded from the internet. Therefore, if you suddenly will be an open connection, the translations of words will be very brief, and phonetic readers and full-text translation in general will be inaccessible. 

If you would be the quick English translation of the words had been finalized, the Babylon would be one of the best dictionaries. But even now it can be to recommend that users who are working with multiple languages at once.

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