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LB TrendTrader Forex Robot (MT4 Expert Advisor)

Developer Leander Bonhomme Digital Creations
Category Business & Finance
Date Added October 06, 2010
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License Commercial

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Review: LB TrendTrader Forex Robot
Reviewed by: Diana on 2011-02-16

LB TrendTrader Forex Robot mt4 Expert Advisor is a Metatrader utility designed to enable you to create your individual trading strategy. This is the newest, fully automated trading robot.


1)The purpose of elaboration was to create the most reliable and effective system of trading on the forex market.

2)It's based on the Elliott wave theory.

3)The robot does not use standard levels of Take Profit and Stop Loss, these parameters are calculated automatically in the process of its work, depending on market conditions.

4)The system is fully automated and does not require manual intervention at any of its phases, it is self seeking point of entry, exit, and also withdraw unprofitable orders in plus.  Once established, this trading system is fully automatic.

So you can earn good money or even build a fortune. And for a decent level of security ensured by the built-in order and money management. This Expert Advisor (EA, expert program) was designed specifically for Forex trading on the trading platform MetaTrader. 

System features:

  • Reliability and universality is proved by 3 years of system's work! Even at the time of world crisis, when other robots have failed, this system easily passed the dangerous area and brought in profits:
  • Can be used on 20 currency pairs
  • System has no parameters that could be optimized, for this reason we are positioning our EA as an universal and very reliable.
  • It uses trend strategy and unique principle of increasing the volume of transactions. Therefore the system can withstand the sharp price fluctuations and recoilless long-term trends
  • This robot is not a scalper so he did not threaten requotes
  • All updates are free

So, there's nothing better for you, than LB TrendTrader Forex Robot mt4 Expert Advisor  if you are looking for a help to work with Forex. 

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