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Visual Search Pony

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Date Added December 18, 2010
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Review: Visual Search Pony
Reviewed by: Diana on 2010-12-25

Visual Search Pony is the most useful and helpful program for your PC. IT will help you to remove all unnecessary files and duplicate images from your PC.


-With the help of this program to find something in your computer will be very easy.

-To find the duplicate files you just have to select the folder and activate Visual Search Pony.

-It finds duplicates even if they're different in their size, color depth and resolution.

-It allows you to find not just duplicated images but it also groups together origiginal pictures, duplicates and their modified copies.

-This program works with finding and detecting pictures changed in:

  • Color;
  • Shift;
  • Flip;
  • Rotation;
  • Scale etc.

-The biggest advantage of this program is an ability to find photographs of a person, the pictures just have to be at good lightning.

-If you want to find the picture basing on its shape only-this is not a problem, any more.

-It works with such formats as:

  • BMP; ANI;
  • GIF; ICO;
  • PNG; RAW;
  • RAF; PEF;
  • KDC; PCX;
  • JPG; CRW
  • X3F; MRW;
  • ARW; 3FR;
  • SR2; PPM;
  • XBM; XPM;
  • TIF; NEF.

So if you want your PC's work to be constructive, you have to use Visual Search Pony.

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