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Webcam Surveillance Standard

Developer AthTek Software
Category Miscellaneous
Date Added April 25, 2010
Downloads 76 | 83
License Shareware

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Review: Webcam Surveillance Standard
Reviewed by: Diana on 2010-12-21

Webcam Surveillance Standard  is very convenient and useful program for those who want to be constantly aware of all. It will give you a great opportunity to monitor everyting you want.


-Timestamped recording will let you know the exact time of happened event.

-You don't have to put much time and efforts to set up this software.

-This program is equipped wuth sensitivity settings which will help you to configure the sensitive degree of the system.

-With its help you'll be able to monitor your:

  • Office;
  • Home;
  • UFO;
  • Cradle;
  • Storehouse;
  • Parking area etc.

-You can also adjust alarms like audio recording and music songs.

-It will help you to save Activated Snapshots because of supporting of adjusting path.

-It works with:

  • Windows 2003;
  • Windows Vista;
  • Windows 7.

So, if you're looking for surveillance system-Webcam Surveillance Standard is exactly that what you need.

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