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WhiteSmoke Grammar Software Executive Package

Developer WhiteSmoke Inc.
Category Languages
Date Added June 13, 2011
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License Shareware

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Review: WhiteSmoke Software
Reviewed by: Diana on 2011-10-18

What is WhiteSmoke?

WhiteSmoke - it is an effective linguistic software product designed for full-text translation and flawless writing in English. Software That Offers the Best Grammar and Spelling Tools. There’s nothing like a typo or incorrect word usage to make your writing fall flat. Use writing enhancement software to make sure your words are put together perfectly every time. Say NO to error-filled text!
The software also produces an activity report that includes statistics for a broader project you're working on.
It lists the number of sentences analyzed and the number of grammar corrections, spelling corrections and style suggestions found.

But we found one stat listed under the error summary to be faulty:

  1. If the software is looking for "missing commas between dependent clauses," it is in error. Within a sentence, two or more independent clauses (those that include a subject and verb) are what should be separated by a comma.
  2. Dependent clauses, those that only include a verb but depend on the main subject of the sentence, don't need to be set apart by a comma.

The main and the most usefull features of WhiteSmoke:

Grammar and spelling

  • The most complete of all the existing programs, check grammar and spelling;
  • Full-text translation;
  • Translation of bulk text from any application with one click;
  • Multilingual Dictionary;

It will give you an opportunity to have:

  • World best grammar, spelling, style and punctuation checker;
  • Comprehensive grammar, spelling, punctuation, structure and styles checkers;
  • Hundreds of professional letter templates to choose from.

Translate full texts from any application in one click. For making a good impression you'll be able to improve your writing style with our self-improvement writing tool. Automatically check all emails sent from Outlook. 



That is the best software you'd ever seen if you're looking for something that will help you to:       

  • Work wherever you write (Word, PPT and other.)         
  • Self-improvement writing tool with tips;         
  • Get usage examples with matching adjectives;         
  • Corrects regular & contextual spelling mistakes;         
  • Alerts to word repetitions and missing words.         

Those who use licensed version will work with all the features of WhiteSmoke, as well as a full set of linguistic profiles:

  • general;
  • medical;
  • legal;
  • artistic;
  • business.

The use of language profiles allows for specialized corrections and recommendations based on the style adopted in a particular area of professional activity.

It is devided into:

The grammar checker:

In the WhiteSmoke grammar checker integrated with the most advanced search of algorithm and error correction of all the market.
Among other mistakes, the grammar checker can find and fix punctuation errors, violation of an agreement in the predicate and subject to agreement with the predicate, irregular comparative/superior form of adjectives.

Style checker :

An algorithm for testing style WhiteSmoke works with various aspects of the text and provides recommendations for enriching and improving the text.
The patented algorithm to improve the text enriches the proposal by the substitution of contextual synonyms, adverbs and adjectives, while other algorithms give warning of slang words, incomplete sentences and abbreviations in the text (the effect of Internet-pager).

Spelling checker:

WhiteSmoke spelling checker provides spell checking, and also contains a unique dynamic database, updated daily with new words, in accordance with the latest trends on the Internet.
For example, in the words of WhiteSmoke "Facebook" or "Obama" not considered errors.



I think it would be an excellent piece of software for:

  • People learning English as a foreign language
  • Students writing academic essays
  • Anyone producing a formal business-related piece (perhaps a report, or a job application)
  • Freelancers writing for print or traditional markets

WhiteSmoke is compatible with:

  • Microsoft Windows ME;
  • Windows2000;
  • Windows XP;
  • Windows Vista.

It will work in almost any text-based application, including word processors, email programs, web-based forms, and so on.
WhiteSmoke also provides the following free resources:

  • English lessons;
  • English grammar articles;
  • Online grammar checker;
  • Writing tools toolbar;
  • Search engine (powered by Google).

Don't let languages be a barrier for you: until now to understand them, you need just one mouse click! Because our software will help you to be more proffessional in you writing and grammar at all. It will help you to write more formal letters and to do it in the best way. With the help of WhiteSmoke you'll enrich your vocabulary, you'll feel yourself more confident in writing and using foreign languages. 

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