Publisher's Description

Magic Lace

Magic Lace Publisher's Description

Magic Lace

Do you want to make your photo like a new one? Now you can do it easy.

Did you hear about Magic Lace? This software can convert your photo and lace into a new photo. Theres many styles lace for choose.

Its including: Romantic, Wind, SeaWorld, Animal, Korean, Artistic, Angels, Cute,etc. Every style have more than 100 laces,you can easy pick up one lace you like.

With this software, you can adjust photo to: Black-and-white, soften or sharpen, enhance brightness or reduce brightness,  rotate 180 degrees, etc.

How to make a new look for your photo:

1. Use the digital camera to take a persons photo,

2. The first choice of shape lace,

3. Will join the persons head,

4. Saved as a file;

5. Typesetting, printing out.

After pressure can also print on a canvas membrane, to prevent the photos to fade.

Publisher Godsw,Inc.
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Windows 95/98/ME  Windows NT/2000 


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