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MouseRobot Publisher's Description


MouseRobot - A convenient tool for automating routine user tasks under Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP or Windows 2003.

Some applications, such as Microsoft Word or Corel Draw, have built-in tools that allow you to record a sequence of actions and then execute them as a single macro. But most applications don't have such a feature. MouseRobot fills this gap and even allows coordination of interactions among several applications.

MouseRobot is very simple and easy to use. Anyone familiar with Windows can learn to use MouseRobot effectively in 10 to 15 minutes.

MouseRobot will help you:

  • Delegate routine tasks that waste your time and efforts to your computer
  • Make any task simpler and faster to perform
  • Configure your software environment for maximum effectiveness


The advantages of MouseRobot compared to similar products:

  • The simple and intuitive interface lets you concentrate on the task you want to do, not on how to go about performing it
  • MouseRobot does not record mouse moves. Instead, it analyzes the interface of the program being automated and creates a special "map" that allows MouseRobot to find the required interface element even if its location, shape or size are changed
  • Recorded actions are executed with maximum speed. Speed of execution is limited only by system performance
  • MouseRobot allows automation of both simple actions and complex tasks consisting of dozens of separate steps and actions
  • The sequence of actions is broken into individual steps and can be easily changed

Using MouseRobot, you can do the following with a single mouse click:

  • Record a CD or DVD - launch the recording application, choose files and record them
  • Scan, recognize and save a document into a file, with each step performed by a different application
  • Automatically install and configure all necessary applications on a new PC
  • Apply a series of filters and effects in an image editor
  • And countless other things - basically, whatever you want to do!
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Windows NT/2000  Windows XP 


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