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The Ultimate Source Of Delicious Paleo Recipes

The Ultimate Source Of Delicious Paleo Recipes Publisher's Description

Yum Paleo | Ultimate Paleo Recipes

Have you ever dreamed of being able to eat delicious food all day long that tastes DIVINE and satisfies ALL of your most CARNAL cravings……WITHOUT making you pack on the pounds??Well, would you believe it – finally there is a way to make this dream your reality!And, EVEN BETTER, not only is eating this mouth-watering food all day not going to make you get fat…It can actually help you to LOSE weightIf you’re scratching your head right now and wondering how on Earth this can be possible…Then let me tell you right now that this is 100% backed up by hardcore dietary SCIENCE…And it all starts with a revolutionary (but actually very old) way of looking at the way we eat and live, called…Now, you’ve probably heard the word �Paleo’ being thrown around a lot lately…Or at the very least, you would have heard about the �caveman diet’ or �eating clean’…But in case you don’t already have the full picture, here’s a quick rundown of exactly what eating �paleo’ means…(…And why it is so darn good for you in every way)…To put it simply, the Paleo (or Paleolithic) diet is based on the diet of our cave-dwelling ancestors…A time where there were no supermarkets, dairies, restaurants, or processing plants…A time when to eat and thrive, you had to live on what the land provided… A time where hunting and foraging for food were essential skills for survival…That’s a great question, and here’s the really great answer…Paleontologists have recently discovered that despite eating HUGE amounts of fat and meat… (and relatively few �healthy’ foods like fruits and vegetables)……Our early ancestors were almost stunningly lean, healthy, and almost completely FREE of all the body-fat based diseases we suffer from today…And when they weren’t dying from saber tooth tiger attacks or clubbing each other with rocks, they actually lived longer, healthier lives than we do today…See, the little-known truth is, your body is genetically hardwired to eat a certain way…And when you don’t eat the right way for your genetic wiring, you are actually FIGHTING your body and �programming’ your hormones to STORE fat, instead of BURNING it…Which makes it almost impossible to lose weight and MAINTAIN a healthy weight, even when you are eating a supposedly �healthy’ modern diet…Read any of the labels of packaged food at your local supermarket and you will find that even the simplest of products contain a whole list of strange-sounding chemicals and additives on the ingredients list that you don’t even recognize…See, the thing is, our food is evolving much faster than we are (it’s scary – we know!)And the result? Because your body was never DESIGNED to process these chemicals, it gets hit with a build-up of preservatives, additives, chemicals, and a whole host of other toxins that wreak havoc on your health!For years, companies have been bulking up their processed food products with SUGAR as it is cheap to produce…But here’s what’s even more SINISTER:Often, excess sugar is DELIBERATELY added to a food product to make people literally ADDICTED to it…See, you may not know this, but recent scientific studies have finally PROVEN that sugar is actually MORE ADDICTIVE than COCAINE (I’m not kidding)…So when eating a lot of processed foods, people can easily consume 5, 10, or even TWENTY times their recommended dietary intake of sugar in a day…Which can quickly lead to massive health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and ultimately, an early death (…Sorry to be morbid here, but you NEED to know the facts!)That’s right… You’ve been told some WHOPPING lies lately… about FAT.See, for years now you’ve probably been tricked into believing that fat is the enemy when it comes to obesity and disease… But here’s the REAL truth:Fat is NOT the enemy at all. In fact, your body NEEDS fat for fuel, cell repair, and to feel full and satisfied after a meal…And even more importantly, the right kind of fats can actually help to INCREASE fat burning (we have the hard science to prove this)!Not all FATS are good for you (in fact, many processed fats are terrible for your health), but when it comes to NATURAL, unprocessed fats, they are in NO WAY the enemy they have been made out to be…Here’s the thing: For years now scientists have had PROVEN scientific research that the REASON we get fat is not by eating FAT, but by eating refined carbs and SUGAR…Which drive up drive up blood sugar and insulin levels, place massive stress on the pancreas, and lead to fat getting STORED in your body, rather than burned as fuel.And, there’s one big glaring REASON why all of this research has only just become public knowledge…And that reason is: MONEY. See, food production companies have been tricking you into believing that FAT is the enemy, while selling you sugar-laden, processed alternatives (that are the REAL enemy)!See, if this had come out 50 years ago, companies producing sugary, carb-laden foods wouldn’t have survived up until this day!Unfortunately, so many of us have been victims of this destructive marketing ploy… but now by going paleo, you will make a difference in stopping this sugar phenomenon!If you want to significantly slow down aging, the first thing you need to do is ditch the modern diet!Why? Because when you feed your body a diet of unhealthy, empty, processed foods…All the harmful toxins, free radicals and excess fat in your body throw your HORMONES out of balance, which are critical to the anti-aging process!See, your hormones are your body’s most important messengers - they are in charge of sending messages to your cells to keep your body functional and healthy…(Such as burning fat for fuel, maintaining a healthy blood sugar level, and promoting cell repair and growth)… And when they are out of balance, your body is not as able to heal, flush out waste and rejuvenate…Meaning the unfortunate result is that you start to age MUCH faster!It’s no wonder those who switch to the paleo diet report experiencing DRAMATIC increases in energy…Because when your body is pumped full of sugar and toxic chemicals, this literally kills your energy, mood and lease on life…Why? Because your body (ESPECIALLY your liver and pancreas) is so busy trying to get rid of toxins and keep your blood sugar down, it has no energy left for YOU!You may have already heard a bit about the �paleo diet’, the �caveman diet’, or �eating clean’… but what I’m here to tell you is that paleo is not actually a �DIET’!!OK, yes, it DOES help you to lose weight just like a diet (in fact, it helps you to lose weight A LOT more effectively than most restriction diets)…And there’s a reason why Paleo works like no other �diet plan’… and it’s simply because Paleo works WITH your body…It gives your body everything it needs and nothing it doesn’t…So with Paleo, you can forget counting calories, weighing your food, eating �rabbit food’… Paleo is about NONE of that stuff.Paleo is all about eating what your body needs to be HEALTHY… Not what your body needs to �LOSE WEIGHT’…Which means that you can eat delicious, filling meals that have been maximized for taste, flavor and enjoyment, and NEVER have to worry about your waistline…How is this possible? Because by feeding your body the exact foods and nutrients it NEEDS, you don’t have to worry about losing weight because your weight will literally TAKE CARE OF ITSELF…In fact, your OWN BODY will fight to get back to its ideal weight and shape (hint: this is all to do with your HORMONES getting back in balance)…And the best thing is? You will never go hungry, and will never feel unsatisfied…While getting the leanest, most amazing body of your life!OK, OK, so you’ve read all the benefits of paleo, and you know how good it is for you and your body in every way…So let me ask you…We here at Yum Paleo have designed a way that YOU can get EXCLUSIVE access to all of the best paleo recipes on the internet…PLUS instant access to special tips and fat-loss interviews with paleo and weight-loss experts… (AND exclusive meal plans and shopping lists)…All by becoming a VIP member at Yum Paleo, where new and exclusive paleo recipes are added weekly…And where you can get access to exclusive paleo recipes and tools that no one else gets!With your Yum Paleo VIP membership, you get exclusive VIP member’s-only-access to our premium paleo recipe library…Where our VIP recipes are optimized not just for maximum taste and variety, but also for your fat loss and health.Unlike our �Free’ paleo recipes, these premium VIP recipes can ONLY be accessed by VIP members…PLUS, you get VIP-only access to special weight-loss tips, Paleo meal plans, interviews with experts, and MUCH more…At Yum Paleo, each of our VIP recipes comes with its very own step by step how-to cooking video, showing one of our staff members cooking each meal from scratch right along with you…So you get each of our premium recipes not ONLY in text version, but ALSO in full-HD video version…Meaning that if you’re in the mood for a private cooking lesson, you can simply prop up your laptop, tablet, or phone right there in the kitchen…And just follow along as our friendly staff walk you through exactly how to create amazing paleo meals from scratch!PLUS, by watching these videos, you can rest assured that each and every one of our divine recipes has actually been tried, tested and refined by us…Meaning when you cook our recipes, they will actually come out looking like the photo…Whether you consider yourself a �chef’ or an �amateur’ in the kitchen, you will find that our paleo recipes are totally easy and achievable for all…Each recipe has the ingredients and cooking instructions all clearly laid out for you (no matter which metric system you use)… Plus realistic prep and cook times added for your convenience…So you can pick our recipes not just for taste and nutrition, but for ease and time-saving too!Nope, I’m not having you on…In your Yum Paleo recipe index, you will find ALL of these to-die-for Paleo �cheat foods’ and MORE…In all of these indulgent recipes, we have taken out all the �garbage foods’ that are toxic to your system and swapped them out with Paleo goodness… WITHOUT taking away from the taste.If you are someone who has a massive sweet tooth and can’t bear the thought of cutting out the sweet treats and desserts you love…Then don’t worry, because with Paleo you can still have a huge variety of deliciously sweet desserts and snacks…That will not only completely satisfy your sugar cravings, they will also be WELCOMED by your body.Why? Because any sugar used in our Paleo desserts is 100% NATURAL sugar that your body is actually DESIGNED to eat and digest…Meaning you get the great taste, but don’t get the nasty blood-sugar spike that refined carbs and sweets like non-Paleo muffins, cakes, lollies and chocolate give you…Plus, unlike being �empty calories’, these natural sugars actually come with healthy things like FIBRE, VITAMINS and MINERALS…So when you replace these unhealthy desserts with OUR Paleo desserts, you will still get to enjoy your after-dinner treat, but will also reduce your risk of diabetes, fatigue and weight gain…And never have to feel guilty about it!Plus, we make it super-easy to make all of these sweet treats, so you never have to feel lost or out of your depth when it comes to creating them…In fact, a lot of our desserts can be made in under 15 minutes!… Nope, you won’t find any of that stuff in our recipes… Just the amazingly healthy and yummy foods nature designed us to eat!Forget the sugar crashes, moodiness, energy drops, and �hangriness’ that comes on after refined carbs cause a sugar spike in your bloodstream…When you start living the Yum paleo way, you will be AMAZED at your MASSIVE increase in energy, motivation, concentration, vitality, and lust for life…This is VIP access to a 100% tried and tested EXCLUSIVE Paleo recipe vault...Where you get exclusive access to a whole LIBRARY of paleo recipes, not ONLY in text version, but ALSO in full-HD video version…So you can follow along with our friendly in-house cooks as they show you how to make delicious Paleo meals, and KNOW you will get a perfect result every time!And it's not just our VIP members who are impressed...No matter how busy and rushed off your feet you are (even if you are juggling a family, career and social life)…With our simple, fast and easy-to-follow paleo recipes, you will be pleasantly surprised to find it is a breeze to start living the paleo way… without changing your lifestyle!We will give you everything you need – right down to what you should have stocked in your pantry! You will find that our recipes are totally easy and achievable for all, whether you consider yourself a �chef’ or an �amateur’ in the kitchen...Each recipe has the ingredients and cooking instructions all clearly laid out for you (no matter which metric system you use), plus realistic prep and cook times added for your convenience…So you can pick our recipes not just for taste and nutrition, but for ease and time-saving too!We’ve worked hard to get you the best deal when it vcomes to boosting your health and getting in the best shape of your life with Paleo.In fact, we’re basically having to keep our marketing guy under lock-and-key at the moment so he can’t go and push the price up!So here it is… Right now, for an EXTREMELY limited time (as long as we can hold him hostage)…You can secure your two-year membership to the Yum Paleo VIP member’s area for our extra special launch price…PLUS, not only are we guaranteeing that you will not have to pay any more than this one-time-only payment of RRP $47 in your whole 2-Year VIP Membership (no matter how much it might go up in the meantime)…We are ALSO guaranteeing that as a VIP member, you will get exclusive access to all of our new recipes and expert weight-loss advice that will be uploaded to your VIP member’s areas weekly…So you will constantly be getting updated with fresh, exciting new Paleo recipes and news... Meaning that after two years of being a VIP member, you will literally have HUNDREDS of exclusive paleo recipes at your fingertips!And thirdly, we are actually GUARANTEEING your satisfaction with your Yum Paleo VIP membership, with our 60-day money-back guarantee!And, to make your Yum Paleo VIP membership an even SWEETER deal for you…If you sign up to become a VIP member today, we’re also going to throw in these incredible bonus gifts for you…Join Today And We’ll Give You These Amazing Bonus GiftsWant to lose weight while eating delicious food and still having a life?Scientific Fat Loss is a proven, medically recommended weight loss created by licensed physician and weight loss expert Dr. Eric Wood, ND.It’s a modified paleo approach to fat loss, that takes the BEST aspects of paleo eating, and combines them with never-seen-before breakthrough dietary science, to enable stunning fat loss results……All by using the ’Hormonal Fat-Burning’ method to trigger the hormones inside your body to burn away stubborn fat, WITHOUT dieting, and WITHOUT grueling workouts...Want to make your transition to Paleo SUPER EASY, while giving your body the ultimate detoxing, fat-burning cleanse?With this 12 Week Paleo Transition Guide, we give you everything you could possibly need in your Paleo journey…Including week-by-week, day-by-day meal plans and shopping lists, so we are with you every step of the way and you always know EXACTLY what to do… making your transition to paleo easy-breezy!PLUS, with this ultimate transition guide, you can wash away all the junk and garbage that your body’s been holding onto internally, and give your fat burning metabolism a MASSIVE kick in the butt…See, if you are trying to lose weight, chemicals and sugars in processed foods (even the �healthy’ ones), can literally clog your liver and drag your weight-loss to a grinding halt… Even if you’re doing EVERYTHING else perfectly!And this is why this detox has been scientifically designed to cleanse your body of fat-loss-stalling toxins and sugars, and prepare you for an EFFORTLESS transition to your new sexy body…And, this isn’t some painful �juice cleanse’ detox or any of that garbage… This detox is actually FUN, EASY, and comes powered with an entire juicy bag of psychological weight-loss maximizing tricks…And the best part of all of this? ALL of the foods in this detox plan (including the mouth-watering desserts), are specifically designed to powerfully increase your fat-burning metabolism…Want to slow down aging? In this exclusive video recording with Dr. Eric Wood, ND, you’ll learn Dr. Eric’s top 3 anti-aging secrets…Secrets which he usually ONLY shares with his clients in the anti-aging medical clinic where he works as the medical director, at a rate of up to $500 per hour…But today, you can get the inside medical scoop on how to rewind signs of aging, heal your body from the inside out, and not only make yourself LOOK 10 years younger, but FEEL 10 years younger too…And you get this exclusive footage + transcript for FREE if you act now…Do you want to boost your fat burning potential by up to 80%?You will get immediate access to Dr. Eric’s full collection of bite-sized fat-loss videos, where he will give you special tips and easy tools you can implement to QUICKLY boost your fat loss and achieve incredible results…And having coached thousands of weight loss clients at his specialty clinic in Florida, Dr. Eric has seen firsthand what works and what doesn’t…Meaning that these videos will give you a unique metabolic edge when it comes to your personal fat loss journey…Because it’s like having a licensed weight-loss expert right there in the room with you, answering questions and fixing your problem areas one-on-one…Is a mental barrier holding you back from getting the body you want?Use this comprehensive six-part self-hypnosis audio program to reprogram your mind to lose weight �unconsciously’ and without effort…This is a UNIQUE formula that will literally skyrocket your success… How? Because it teaches you the 6 easy steps to literally making yourself psychologically ENJOY losing weight…And the results you can achieve with this are so valuable that they are literally priceless…Add it all up… And these incredible bonus gifts come to a total value of $1204.99… All Yours For FREE If You Join Today! And Dr. Eric Wood Have Teamed Up To Create An Extensive Paleo Recipe Vault That Combines Mouth Watering Meals With Never-seen-before Breakthrough Dietary Science For Stunning Health Results. Visit Http://
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