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B. Software dba LingleTech

GlucoTrak 5.2
by B. Software dba LingleTech
Track your blood glucose / sugar level and auto calculate insulin/medicine dose based on carbohydrates entered. Store glucose level, medication/in...
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Micro Journal Micro Journal
by B. Software dba LingleTech
Quickly and easily log and sketch events, thoughts, ideas, notes, accomplishments, or feelings. Unlike other journal/log programs, there?s a full s...
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Pocket Shopper
by B. Software dba LingleTech
Create your own multi-sort intelligent shopping list. Sorts and shows items you need to buy at each store. Unlike paper shopping lists, you get ...
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Mini TimeClock WM Mini TimeClock WM
by B. Software dba LingleTech
Keeps track of your paycheck, work schedule, deductions, and hours. Use it for yourself or if you’re an employer, your employees. Excludes se...
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Mini MPG Mini MPG
by B. Software dba LingleTech
Find out your average MPG (miles per gallon) and PPM (price per mile) per name or condition. Easy to use interface uses pull-down selection and po...
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Pocket PO Pocket PO
by B. Software dba LingleTech
A portable database for your POs which holds the PO number, order date, due date, item number, quantity, cost, line and PO totals, notes, vendor n...
more about Pocket PO
Health Counter 6.1 Health Counter 6.1
by B. Software dba LingleTech
Add your daily calories, fat, carbohydrates, and protein. Great for any diet including low carb, weight loss, body building / weight gain, fitness...
more about Health Counter 6.1
My Accounts
by B. Software dba LingleTech
View, print, or transfer your account balances. Keep track of your checking, savings, mortgage, credit card, and other accounts. Holds each tra...
more about My Accounts
My Budget My Budget
by B. Software dba LingleTech
Calculates your income, expenses, and shows your balance. You can set reminder alarms for each item/bill due. Mark items as paid and include or e...
more about My Budget
WinLock 4.0
by B. Software dba LingleTech
Tough, easy, inexpensive security for Windows95/98. Keep unautorized users off the system. User cant terminate program. Automatically starts wh...
more about WinLock 4.0
Pocket Rx Pocket Rx
by B. Software dba LingleTech
Track your medical information and set a reminder for your prescriptions. Records patient/user names and medications, Rx numbers, refills, costs,...
more about Pocket Rx
Mini TimeClock Mini TimeClock
by B. Software dba LingleTech
Keep track of your hours worked. Clock in each employee with MiniTimeClock. Automatically figures out your paycheck, even with overtime. Inc...
more about Mini TimeClock
Disaster CheckList Disaster CheckList
by B. Software dba LingleTech
Helps prepare you for an emergencies and disasters such as war, terrorism, floods, tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, and more. Use as a checklis...
more about Disaster CheckList
Sketch Sketch
by B. Software dba LingleTech
Save signatures and drawings anytime and anywhere. Give your signature or drawing a name and an optional detailed note. List all your images, whi...
more about Sketch
Mini Inventory Mini Inventory
by B. Software dba LingleTech
A powerful, easy, and portable way to enter inventory and insurance data. Great for keeping personal property insurance records as well as inve...
more about Mini Inventory
DayLog DayLog
by B. Software dba LingleTech
Enter, plan, journal, or schedule your daily tasks / log each day. Select a category you create, enter a subject, the log text, and optional start...
more about DayLog
MiniRx MiniRx
by B. Software dba LingleTech
Track and print your prescription / drug / medicines with an optional refill alarm. Records name, Rx#, refills, refill date, quantity, dose, opti...
more about MiniRx
WorkWeek 1.1 WorkWeek 1.1
by B. Software dba LingleTech
Keeps track of your work schedule and hours. Holds name, date, starting time, ending time, hours, and note. Theres another screen where you can lis...
more about WorkWeek 1.1
ProcWatch ProcWatch
by B. Software dba LingleTech
Protect yourself from special spyware, memory hogs, and dangerous programs. Speed up your computer when stopping and/or removing unncessary progra...
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(BTC) Bitcoin Price Could Hit $100,000

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