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Paint Factory
by Castor Studios
Help Pete the painter mix colors as fast as possible before time runs out. But watch out, if you make a mistake Pete's boss is going to get very an...
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Little Mouse Master Little Mouse Master
by Castor Studios
Little Mouse Master is designed to teach children how to use a computer mouse for the first time. Simply guide the child on using the mouse and wat...
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Battlefield Minesweeper Battlefield Minesweeper
by Castor Studios
Bored with the original Minesweeper game? Building off of the classic Minesweeper appeal, we have made this version more exciting with explosions t...
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Keyboard Smash Keyboard Smash
by Castor Studios
Keyboard Smash is designed to allow young children to play for the first time with a keyboard and mouse while at the same time not endangering the ...
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(BTC) Bitcoin Price Could Hit $100,000

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