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J. Hepple, Inc.

Fx Video Converter Fx Video Converter
by J. Hepple, Inc.
The pro version will convert AVI and MPEG movies to uncompressed AVI or various AVI compressed formats, to Real Media, to Windows Media, to standar...
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Fx MPEG Writer Fx MPEG Writer
by J. Hepple, Inc.
Convert video files created by digital cameras, HD TV capture devices and other digital video devices to MPEG-1, MPEG-4 or to any AVI format for wh...
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Fx Audio Editor Fx Audio Editor
by J. Hepple, Inc.
Visually play, record, edit or convert most sound file formats. Add special effects and filters. Supported Sound Files Types: wav, mp3, mp2, mpeg, ...
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Fx New Sound Movie Audio Replacer Fx New Sound Movie Audio Replacer
by J. Hepple, Inc.
You can easily replace the garbled, random sound in your home movies with music or narration or add sound to silent movies using this movie audio r...
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Fx Movie Splitter and Trimmer Fx Movie Splitter and Trimmer
by J. Hepple, Inc.
Fx, Movie Splitter and Trimmer is a tool that enables you to save sections from an existing movie file to a new AVI file. Supported input file type...
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Fx MPEG Suite Fx MPEG Suite
by J. Hepple, Inc.
Fx MPEG Suite is a collection of audio/video tools which enables you to create digital movies from various sources adding special effects such as t...
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Fx Audio Editor 4 Series Fx Audio Editor 4 Series
by J. Hepple, Inc.
With Fx Audio Editor you can visually edit, convert. play and record most sound file formats, rip CDs and save as WAV, MP2, MP3, VOX, WMA and most ...
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Fx Joiner and Splitter Fx Joiner and Splitter
by J. Hepple, Inc.
Join or split Windows Media AVI and/or MPEG movies and save as AVI, Windows Media, Real Media or MPEG movies. Includes a robust audio/video toolbox.
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Fx Audio Tools Fx Audio Tools
by J. Hepple, Inc.
Fx Audio tools include an audio file converter that supports most common audio and video sound types such as variable bit rate MP2 and MP3 files. O...
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Fx Movie Joiner Fx Movie Joiner
by J. Hepple, Inc.
Join movies of various formats, size and frame rates then save your project as a new Windows Media, Real Media, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 or AVI movie.
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(BTC) Bitcoin Price Could Hit $100,000

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