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WaveToMidi 2.2+ WaveToMidi 2.2+
by Oriol Pique
WaveToMidi recognizes the audio sources that can be wav,mp3,etc... detecting notes on it and converting it to midi through the ".mid" midi file it ...
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Quoted String Extractor
by Oriol Pique
Quoted String Extractor is intended for getting string literals on the source files of a programming project, now supports (C++,C,TCL) for easier ...
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by Oriol Pique
WaveToMidi analyzes the source audio file finding the musical notes played in this file and saving it to a destination midi file, you can analyze m...
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ColorFunction Image Generator
by Oriol Pique
ColorFunction is a program available for Windows and Linux that generates nice images that can be used as desktop or web backgrounds or any other u...
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by Oriol Pique
MRTRES is a MS-DOS Window extension that makes easier to work in the command line.It autocompletes directory and filenames and adds some commands t...
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Noiser Sound Generator
by Oriol Pique
Noiser is a program that generates sounds based on Fourier transforms and random numbers. It creates a base sound and applies to it multiple freq...
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(BTC) Bitcoin Price Could Hit $100,000

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