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OneStep Installer OneStep Installer
by Redei Enterprises
Encrypts and packs installation components into a single executable with or without password protection and installs the content with one click. Us...
more about OneStep Installer
Set File Date Set File Date
by Redei Enterprises
Allows changing easily the create, last modified and accessed date of files. The registered version also allows changing file dates in batch operation.
more about Set File Date
SetClock SetClock
by Redei Enterprises
Keeps the clock of your computer accurate by obtaining the exact time from one of the available atomic clock servers. It also allows setting the Ti...
more about SetClock
Secure Documents Secure Documents
by Redei Enterprises
Encrypts documents and places them into self-executable decryptor with optional zipping and emailing. Any kind of files can be added to a package. ...
more about Secure Documents
Remote Dialer Remote Dialer
by Redei Enterprises
Remote Dialer adds dialing capabilities to any application. It can also be used as a standalone dialer. When the Dialer is loaded it appears in the...
more about Remote Dialer
PrintDirect.NET PrintDirect.NET
by Redei Enterprises
.NET class allowing sending data directly to printers bypassing the printer driver. Very useful for barcode printers and for cash registers. Almost...
more about PrintDirect.NET
PrintDirect utility PrintDirect utility
by Redei Enterprises
With just a simple drag & drop to the PrintDirect icon on the desktop the utility will print the file on the default printer. Or, double click on t...
more about PrintDirect utility
PrintDirect DLL PrintDirect DLL
by Redei Enterprises
bypasses printer drivers and allows to send data directly to the printer with embedded ESC sequences. It also provides LPrint as it was in old DOS-...
more about PrintDirect DLL
Personalized Desktop Personalized Desktop
by Redei Enterprises
Replace desktop icons with photos of your choice. Make your desktop a part of your family! Select an existing icon on your desktop. Select a photo ...
more about Personalized Desktop
Image Converter and Editor Utility Image Converter and Editor Utility
by Redei Enterprises
Image type conversion, resizing, thumbnail image creation, cropping, rotation, skewing, annotation, overstamping. Supports BMP,JPG, GIF, TIFF and P...
more about Image Converter and Editor Utility
Image Converter DLL Image Converter DLL
by Redei Enterprises
Image type conversion, resizing, rotation, flipping, cropping and thumbnail image creation, annotation. Supports BMP,JPG, GIF, TIFF and PNG. It als...
more about Image Converter DLL
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(BTC) Bitcoin Price Could Hit $100,000

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