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StartMenuPlus8 StartMenuPlus8
by Winok
Windows 8 StartMenu Replacement Fully Configurable, includes Win8 Apps, Win8 Search, Complete List/Selection of Control Panel Options and Standard ...
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AppsChecker(FREEWARE)StandalonePC (req by 5-6-7-8) AppsChecker(FREEWARE)StandalonePC (req by 5-6-7-8)
by Winok
While there are many Tools available to ?Optimize? your PC, few target the Applications on the PC, which is surprising considering that the number ...
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PMLogAnalyzer PMLogAnalyzer
by Winok
1.What does PMLogAnalyzer Automation of ProcMon actually mean a)No more time spent starting/stopping ProcMon or saving the Event Logs: The process...
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RunYourAppsFromUSB RunYourAppsFromUSB
by Winok
On average it takes a non-technical user one hour using ?RunYourAppsFromUSB? to convert an Application(not .NET) which is installed on a PC, into ...
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MsiXray MsiXray
by Winok
Why you should consider MsiXray Have you ever? a) Installed an Application on a PC and discovered another Application which was previously ...
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(BTC) Bitcoin Price Could Hit $100,000

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