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Christmas Puzzles

Developer Fly-Games
Category Puzzles
Date Added December 14, 2009
Downloads 65 | 75
License Shareware

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Review: Christmas Puzzles
Reviewed by: Diana on 2010-12-13

Christmas Puzzles could be interesting for dhildren and udults. It helos children to develop logical thinking and ability to concentrate. If you have a break at work you can spend it with pleasure but without putting much effort. Moreover, the storyline is so interesting and exciting that you'll instantly forget about everyday problems and will embrace in the holiday atmosphere

The game is very entertaining because:

  • You can choose by yourself the level of difficulty.
  • You can also choose among 100 pictures on this topic.
  • It is very colorful and consists of beautiful sceneries, city streets, wild animals and other views.
  • It will be possible to choose the number of pieces in puzzle, depending on the amount of time you have.
  • The shapes of pieces differ from each other.

The aim of Christmas Puzzle game  is very simple, so you'll combine the pieces into one beautiful picture,that will bring you a lot of fun.

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