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Review: Open DVD Ripper
Reviewed by: on 2010-11-23

Billions of videos and audios are exchanged every day in a many of formats. As a result, your PC might not have the capabilities to play a video or audio. This is why there’s such a thing as Open DVD Ripper converter software. These programs can take many videos of one format into a format that works on your computer. You could adapt your PC through upgrades and downloads, but you shouldnt have to change, how your system operates to play a video or audio someone created. But you are able to change a audio/video to meet the needs of your favorite PC.

For converting the DVD and movies from even the latest models of DVD discs and video files to safe storage of your computer hard drive - you need a good conversion software. Open DVD Ripper soft ware can carry out the job very quickly and with min. less expensive way.

Open DVD Ripper is a powerful software solution to make conversions of video and audio files to the required formats as you wish with a single software. The capabilities of Windows media MPEG/AVI/Audio/DVD Conversation are amicable with latest technology advancements to be carried out in your computer.

With installation and buying this software you can – convert your DVD discs to MPEG-1(VCD) , AVI (Xvid, DivX, MPEG-4 or YUV); or WMV; audio contents of DVD to MP3; WAV; WMA; ASF audio formats; It supports such formats as MP3 with VBR, GHR and any other preset modes for quality; the conversion task for MP3 is made very easy.

This software can open DVD or VOB files! You can split the files into desirable volumes for conversion; selection is feasible for part or segment conversion according to setting the starting time and frames quantity; provision of luminance filter as well as deinterlace filter help enhancing quality of video images; subtitle and audio track selection is enabled!

By downloading and installing Open DVD Ripper on your computer you can` be relaxed while processing the conversion or ripping of DVD discs, movies and videos by ripping and converting such various formats like: AVI, MKV, WMV, MPG, 3GP, MP4, FLV, SWF, MOV, TS, RM, ASF and audio formats like MP3, M4A, WAV, AC3, MP2, AMR, FLAC, WMA, OGG, RA, AAC, AU, AIFF, etc.

Open DVD Ripper screenshot

The conversion take`s place at fastest speed! Up to 201% real time! You will get very high picture-quality and highest sound-quality, like the original DVD disc taken for such conversion! It`s very easy to add and remove DVD subtitles for outputing video-files. During the process of high-speed-conversion you can open and extract snapshots and pictures and save them as .bmp or .jpg images and have full control over audio and video conversion parameters. Always you can choose any commercial DVD movie for conversion without worrying about the restrictions imposed, because this software automatically removes all restrictions such as – region; RCE; CSS; PAL DVD encrypted and other!

The advanced setup and profile setup functions let users make various advanced settings like the defining of resolution, video bitrate, audio bitrate, etc. to meet various demands.

There are many valid reasons for buying this converter for the DVD! Such as – Super-Puper engine, based on FFX – BLR! This is a technology, which is much more faster, than any other convert engines for bringing the advanced and high-speed conversion method! There is no any need to wait for hours or days for converting and this software runs at 201% to 301% DVD real time speed! You will say that it impossiable, but inspite of that it delivers the highest quality Divx; Xvid or AVI; output audio and video files!

Open DVD Ripper supports removing of all restrictions for DVDs to get converted and all these powerful functions can be handled with easy just by one click, even by a fresher without any experience!

about Open DVD Ripper screenshot

You don’t need to pull your head out when you’re unable to open a video or audio files - you really want to watch if you have good video converter software around.

We think, that you must have product, such as Open DVD Ripper !

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Works, but it is super slow. Literally 5+ hours to rip DVD on Windows 7.

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